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YouTube Channels For College Students To Help Your Brain Relax

The internet offers a lot of free quality content we can all enjoy at the comfort of our homes or our mobile devices. It is one of the cheapest sources of entertainment we get to enjoy nowadays. YouTube is one of the largest sources of free entertainment, in different niches, with different content – perfect for everyone’s taste.

YouTube has indeed changed the entertainment industry since its conception in 2005. It is now a full-grown media giant, a source of information and a host for broadcast companies and individual content creators. It is an escape that allows us to relax, rejuvenate and be simply entertained.

The video streaming platform is also a good source of relaxing channels offering a place where we can connect to our mental and emotional health. If you are feeling too anxious or if you want to help your mind settle down, YouTube is one of the best places to turn to. Here are some of the relaxing YouTube channels that can relieve you from stress and anxiety. You definitely need it after all the exams and reports required by your professors. 

Michael Sealey 

If you are looking to reduce stress and anxiety, most especially during these uncertain times, Michael Sealey’s channel is one of the best places to check on YouTube. Saeley is an Australian actor and is certified in Hypnosis and Clinical Hypnotherapy. He used his voice to create videos as well as podcasts that help viewers in areas related to stress and anxiety. His channel currently has 1.31 million subscribers, 163 videos and over 252 million views.

His videos help viewers through the process of sleep meditation, hypnosis, guided meditation and hypnotherapy. Experience a tranquil state or a daydream feeling while listening to the audio clips that are also available in the channel. It is advised to go through his content at home, in your bedroom or simply indoors. Empower your behavioral choices, think clearer and rid yourself of worries through his calming content.

Oddly Satisfying 

Oddly Satisfying features a load of interesting, but mostly relaxing eye candies that will rid you of your frustration, stress and restlessness. The channel features simple, yet interesting activities that oddly satisfies your brain. Most of the content is submitted from users featuring enjoyable tasks that give off a fun and rejuvenating effect. Among the top viewed content in the channel includes content related to glass blowing, slime and food creations.

Oddly Satisfying currently has around 1.68 million subscribers with over 140 uploaded videos and over 232 million views. Kids and adults alike will enjoy the odd, unique and common day to day items and incidences that can actually be very relaxing, when featured through videos in a certain way. Scraping and cutting kinetic sand. blowing bubbles and peeling off dried glue from your hands are some of the oddly satisfying content you’ll get to enjoy in the channel.

Body Mind Zone 

If you are looking for a collection of meditation music, sleep music or study music that can help you focus or relax while doing a certain activity. Body Mind Zone is the perfect YouTube channel for you. It also features healing and wellness music, Reiki and Zen music perfect when doing your Yoga poses. The channel offers over 480 videos, clips and audio music with over 743,000 subscribers and over 201 million views.

If you are having trouble sleeping, suffering from anxiety or nervous all time, you can pick from the hundreds of tranquilizing music available in the channel. Most of the music content from Body Mind Zone can help improve your mental awareness, emotional condition as well as your mood. It is the perfect escape after a long stressful day from work or if you are looking for a great way to induce a night of deep and relaxing sleep.


One of the most popular YouTube channels for relaxing music and therapeutic audio content is ChilledCow. The channel currently has over 6.43 million subscribers with over 210 video uploads and an outstanding 589 million video views. What’s more interesting with the videos featured in the channel are the interesting, calming and entertaining video featured in each music clip.

ChilledCow’s videos are very share-worthy with images featuring people, nature, animals and abstract objects that add interest to its viewers and listeners. ChilledCow’ content is also available via Spotify and Apple music. ChilledCow also accepts content submissions from its viewers.

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