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YouTube Channels for College Students to Help Boost Your Memory

YouTube Channels for College Students to Help Boost Your Memory

YouTube offers a wide variety of content not only for entertainment but also for the improvement of the quality of our lives. Getting tips on how to boost your memory, how to improve your studying techniques, and how to become a better student in college are just a few of the self-help content you’ll get to enjoy through YouTube. But today, let’s focus on sharpening your memory. 

Memory training can help a lot of students survive the stress and the challenges of college life. Following a brain training program helps the brain improve its cognitive abilities and generally enhances its capacity to process information. Regularly watching YouTube videos that help boost your memory also prevents brain delay and brain decline, especially as you grow older. 

Top 5 YouTube Channels to Help Boost Your Memory

Check out these YouTube channels to stimulate better memory and improved brain function.

Ron White Memory Expert – Memory Training & Brain Training 

Ron White is one of the champion memory experts in the United States and a well-known mnemonist. He won the USA Memory Champion in 2009 and 2019 and was one of “Stan Lee’s Superhumans” as featured in History Channel. He is a book author and a YouTube Vlogger that shares his tips and knowledge in memory training, speed reading, and accelerated learning.

His YouTube channel currently features 307 videos with a total of 374,000 subscribers and over 21.9 million video views. Among the latest videos on his channel are tips on how to learn under stress, secrets of memory champs, tips on how to study better, and tips on how to memorize what you read. If you are looking for expert advice in improving and enhancing your brain functions, this is the channel to visit and subscribe to on YouTube.

Memorize Academy 

Memorize Academy is a YouTube Channel dedicated to helping its viewers memorize faster and learn the best techniques that will help young and adults alike improve their memory game. Most of the videos featured in the channel are in whiteboard animation format. 

Interestingly, there are only 34 videos on the channel with an impressive number of subscribers currently at 417,000 and over 22.2 million video views. Conclusion: there are no current videos being uploaded on the channel, but it is still a good resource for tips and ideas on memorizing faster and becoming more successful students. Among the top viewed videos featured in the channel includes tips on how to memorize the periodic table easier, how to memorize fast and easy, and the top 6 habits of highly successful students.

Khan Academy 

This is one of the best channels to learn about Math or to simply stimulate your thinking in different subjects such as Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. The channel offers a wide variety of tools and videos that can help students and parents alike in homeschooling or as reinforced practice activities to improve one’s knowledge on a given topic. The channel is run by the Khan Academy, a non-profit organization that aims to help children study, while keeping them motivated, even when schools are closed. The free resources feature regular tutorial and video tips uploaded to its 5.97 million subscribers.

Subscribers and viewers from around the globe can enjoy free access to world-class educational tools and videos, featuring interactive practice problems and articles perfect for kids currently adjusting to schooling at home. Khan Academy has an impressive collection of over 7,800 videos on their channel with 5.97 million subscribers and over 1.8billion video views.

Brainwave Music 

Brainwave tracks can help improve and condition the brain to function better. Brainwave Music is a channel that offers an extensive collection of memory-boosting and brain-stimulating music that allows students and adults alike to focus, meditate, relax, and absorb information better. The YouTube channel features several playlists such as music for reflection, sleep, removing stress, inspiration, creativity, and imagination.

The channel started seven years ago in 2013 and currently has 771 uploads, over 964,000 subscribers, and over 177 million video views. The contents of the channel include original music created by the team behind Brainwave Power Music Channel, featuring binaural beats and frequencies.

There are plenty of ways on how to boost brain function and memory in college students. On top of staying healthy, eating well and enjoying quality sleep, high levels of mental activity can help improve one’s memory and cognitive skills. Watching engaging YouTube contents featuring brain and memory-boosting tips and advice can help college students improve and upgrade their thinking and comprehension skills.

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