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Your Best Shot At Making Money In The Stock Market While Still In College

Do you like being ahead of the curve? If so, you need to strongly consider investing in the stock market. However, it’s not as easy as picking a stock and hoping for the best. You never want to put all your money into one investment. That said, the greatest danger is active trading.

Rule #1: No Active Trading

If you actively trade, you are almost guaranteed to lose. The system is set up for professional traders with the best equipment to win. These are trading groups you cannot compete with due to the differences in capital and power. It’s a dark world and it has been written about several times.

This is literally the most important aspect of investing today. The reason this point is being stressed immediately is so you will save your capital, which can be used for winning investments in the stock market.

Even if there were no ‘rigged’ trading houses, you still have to pay short-term capital gains if you sell for a profit in less than one year. Short-term capital gains range from 10% to 39.6% depending on your tax bracket. If you were to hold a stock for a year or more and sold it for a profit, you would pay long-term capital gains, which range from 0% to 20%. This also depends on your tax bracket.

The point that needs to be stressed and not overlooked is to avoid going down the active trading road. You will lose. And you will regret it. Plain and simple. Consider this a very strong warning.

Rule #2: Diversification

If you want to make long-term money in the stock market, then make sure your portfolio is diversified. This means you want to spread out your investments in different sectors. For example, a diversified portfolio might have Nike, Chipotle, Valero, Apple, and Bank of America. One easy way to make sure your portfolio is diversified is to ask yourself if any of those companies compete against one another. If the answer is no, then you’re diversified.

The names listed above are mature companies. Therefore, you’re going to be safer than you would be in a speculative play, and you should see a methodical move higher over the years. You will also receive dividends from some companies, which are small quarterly payments just for owning the stock. It doesn’t matter if the stock depreciates or appreciations, you still receive your quarterly dividend payment. Dividends are taxed at 0%, 15%, or 20% depending on your tax bracket. If you don’t want to pay taxes on dividends, choose a dividend reinvestment plans. This means that your dividends are reinvested into your stock position in that company.

Rule #3: Own At Least One Speculative Stock

You might be surprised to read that. It’s like a professor instructing you to go out and party. The reason you should own at least one speculative stock is because you want to take more risks when you’re young. If you fail, you have more time to make up the money. Not only that, if could take years for a small company to grow into a Walmart, Apple, Amazon, or Netflix. All you have to do is nothing. That’s right, do nothing! Only check the stock price a few times per year. This will help you remove any emotional ties to the investment, which will prevent any panic moves.

Rule #4: Pick The Right Speculative Stock

Imagine it was 15 years ago and you started to notice a lot of people wearing moisture-wicking shirts. That was Under Amrour before it was a household name.

Imagine it was 1997 and Jeff Bezos was laughed at during a television interview because he said he would one day own the biggest company in the world. What if you looked into his eyes and believed him?

Imagine Apple was on its last breath, Steve Jobs came back to run the company and you believed in Steve Jobs because of his risk-taking nature?

It might be too late to catch the majority of those rides, but there are new ones out there right now. All you have to do is look around and discover new trends. What are people wearing? Where are people eating? What are people doing? The answers are right in front of you. All you need to do is pay attention and believe in what you see.

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