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You Will Thank Us – 10 Tips About Acing Your Next Exam You Need To Know

If you suffer from test anxiety or tend to procrastinate, you may be earning exam scores that are less than you are capable of. Getting top grades on course exams is not that difficult if you practice these ten tips before each test.

1. Completely read every assignment.

While that may sound like plain common sense, some students feel they can read part of the homework and sail through the test by guessing. Whether they do this because of a hectic schedule or over-confidence doesn’t matter. It is a poor strategy that often leads to failing grades. Study your homework and make sure you understand it before the next test.

2. Review with a study partner.

Discussing the material to be tested with a peer can help both of you prepare more effectively for an exam. You can quiz each other or work on sample problems as well as discuss key points in the readings so you will be ready to ace the exam.

3. Take notes.

Notate the most important points of your professor’s lectures and do the same for your reading assignments. Studies show that people who write about the information they are learning often retain it longer and can recall it more easily than those who don’t take notes.

4. Get enough sleep.

Aim for seven or eight hours of restful sleep each night in a quiet, dark room without distractions, especially electronic devices like a smart phone, computer, or television. Make a special effort the night before a test to sleep comfortably and adequately so you will feel rested and alert.

5. Eat healthy.

A diet that mainly relies on junk food or fast food denies your body of the nutrition it needs for good health. Try to eat a balanced meal at least once a day, preferably more often. Select foods from the five main food groups. Avoid foods that contain high amounts of salt, fat, or sugar.

6. Exercise regularly.

Set up a plan to hit the gym three or four times a week for cardio and strength workouts. You can also just map a walk around campus or the community for about twenty to thirty minutes several days weekly. Exercise helps the body to work efficiently, and it improves mental functions while strengthening immunity and reducing stress.

7. Don’t stress out.

While stress is part of daily life and a definite aspect of the college experience, don’t get too worked up. Practice relaxation techniques like yoga or meditation. Get involved in fun activities like sports. Watch comedy films to laugh. Avoid over-thinking your upcoming exams. Prepare fully and then do your best.

8. Socialize with friends.

Make time for fun with friends and family members. Cook a meal together or attend a local event. Take an occasional weekend trip. Contact friends when you feel overwhelmed or need someone to talk to, and be there for them.

9. Volunteer.

This may seem counterintuitive if you are already extremely busy with coursework and worried about exams. While volunteering might not work for everyone, it can be very beneficial for both the giver and receiver of good deeds. Donations of time and a special skill can elevate your mood and confidence, preparing you to perform well on exams. If you can’t volunteer now, consider it for the future.

10. Limit your worry.

If you must get anxious and fret about an exam, set a timer and do it for just five minutes at a time. When the timer goes off, remind yourself to stop thinking about the test and do something positive or productive. Allow yourself three “worry” sessions each day, and gradually wean down to two, and then one. Keep your anxiety under control, or it will control you.

These tips can enhance your life in more ways than just exam preparation. You will feel better, reduce overall stress, and possibly be happier by doing the things listed here. Plan ahead for your exams so that you can possibly earn top grades.


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