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You Should Slow Down As College Students, Know The Reason Why

You don’t have to tell us that college is busy. We’ve been there and we know that it can be extremely exhausting. But you need to learn how to slow down. If not, it can take a toll on your life.  

Now, if you still can’t see the reason for slowing down, this post is for you. You just have to allot a few minutes to finish this and be enlightened.  

You Get To Appreciate What’s Happening Around  

More often than not, you are not grateful for the things around you because everything is happening so fast. You feel that you just need to finish the reports, without ever realizing all the milestones you’ve accomplished. Why don’t you take a breather and list down everything you learned and did for the past months? You’d gain the confidence back and you are more than pumped up to study and to ace your exams.  

You Don’t Get To Enjoy College Life  

If you must know, college isn’t just about theories, professors, reaction papers, and long exams. You also need to have fun too. There are organizations, clubs, and even parties that you should take advantage of. If you are invited to join, check it out. Perhaps, it could help you build your network. Plus, it’s always good to give your brain a rest.  

It’s All About Balance  

You know what, your employers would definitely love to hear stories about how you balanced your life as a college student. We bet that they won’t be 100% impressed by your grades. But how can you share fascinating stories if you don’t slow down?  

It’s ok to rest for a couple of days and just enjoy doing practically nothing. But when the time comes that you have to be serious, then go hyperfocus.  

You Get Fresh Perspective  

When you overstudy or overwork yourself, sometimes the best ideas will be blocked. You need to go out, take a walk, see different things to have new perspectives. You would be surprised that this works most of the time. Don’t be too hard on yourself.  

You Get To Know Lessons Better  

When you study fast, you tend to forget a lot of concepts. The case is different when you take things slowly and you truly embrace the lessons. But if you are to use this approach, make sure that you have a good study habit. Read slowly but make it regular. That way, you won’t have to cram when the exam day is nearing. 

What To Do When Slowing Down  

When we say you have to slow down, this doesn’t mean you have to do practically nothing. But that’s an option too. If you don’t have an idea what to do, here’s a quick list that can help you.  

Go Camping On The Weekend  

Perhaps, you have been in the city for quite some time. Why don’t you invite your friends to go camping and be with nature? If possible, look for a place where you can go off-grid. There will be no distractions and you can just focus on recharging yourself.  

Cook A Nice Meal  

As college students, we bet you’ve been eating a lot of fast food. If you are a good cook, get the best ingredients and have something that can satisfy your cravings. Cook and eat slowly. Enjoy every bite and every flavor that bursts in your mouth.  

Attend Art Classes  

You need to hone your creative skills. However, since most college tasks are analytical, it seems that we can’t practice our creative side. In that case, look for art classes and let it be your outlet. Forget about your reports in the meantime and just create a masterpiece.  


If you think you have too much to handle, just learn how to meditate. This should help you put things in perspective. You can watch videos online to know the basics. Or if you want to take this seriously, there are classes you can attend to.  

Visit Your Family And Friends  

When was the last time that you had quality time with the people you love? If your school isn’t overseas, then maybe you can spend a couple of days in your hometown. Call your friends and just reminisce the old days. Sometimes, it feels good to reconnect with your old self.   

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