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You Hate Your Professors, What Should You Do? 

There will be instances that you might dislike your professor. But is it enough for you to drop your subject? 

Well, if you want to be enlightened, this post is for you. We will tell you the steps on how you should deal with a professor that you don’t exactly like. 

Stay Away From Rumors  

In some cases, you already hate your professor even before knowing them because of the stories you hear from other college students.  

Now here’s what you have to do. Try to dismantle what you hear from other folks. After all, who are we to judge, right? If you are not in that exact scenario, you can never really tell the truth.  

Acknowledge that your professor might not be the best one. But it doesn’t mean that you have to hate them. During the first day of your class, make sure that you are neutral. Stop thinking about hate comments. Chances are, if you keep on repeating these words into your head, you will feel the same.  

It’s Part Of Life  

Here’s a fact of life. You cannot like everyone.  

For example, if you’re already working in the corporate world, you will have annoying colleagues. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work with them. The same goes when you dislike a professor. That doesn’t equate to not learning from them. You just have to deal with it and continue living. If you let that emotion hinder you from learning new lessons, you will be at the losing end.  

Your Teacher Isn’t The Subject  

You also have to assess the reason why you think you hate your teacher. Is it really the person? Or is it the manner of their teaching? Or maybe you just don’t like the subject. 

Evaluating your thoughts and putting logic to it could help you manage your emotions. For example, the subject you are taking is your least favorite. Take advantage of your professor’s office hours and ask if you can be mentored or tutored? Who knows if your relationship with them will be better? 

From there, you get to learn more about the subject, and possibly improve your grades. Not to mention, you’re also building a good relationship with your professor.  

Remind Yourself That Your Grades Matter  

If your hatred towards your professor will consume you, it might also reflect on your grades. That’s because you’re not passionate to learn. Again, you’re the one who’s losing here. Always remember that you need decent grades and hating your teacher will not help at all.  

Be Professional And Be Kind  

If you think your professor is being mean to you, that doesn’t mean you should do the same. Instead, take the high road and be kind to them. Show that you are already a responsible adult.  

But of course, the case is different if you are being harassed. There’s always a proper venue for that and you need to seek assistance from your university. Otherwise, continue to be good. It’s free.  

Participate In Class  

Now, for those who believe your professor hate you that much, what you can do is to show them that you are highly interested to learn the subject. Participate in the class, review well for the exam, and ask the right questions during discussions. They may not like you still, but at least you know that a good grade is what you deserve.  

Never Be Aggressive And Confrontational  

We understand that it can be tempting to be aggressive and confrontational once you feel that your professor is going overboard. But control your temper. Breathe, and if there is a chance for you to talk it out, then so be it. List down your concerns and don’t go running after them. Trying to start a fight will just make the fire bigger and it will do you no good.  

As early as now, you need to be assertive. If you think you’re starting to hate your teacher because of their style, you can approach them. Ask them to re-teach the lesson. You see, if they’re passionate about teaching college students, they would gladly do. So, you should not be afraid.  

Come to think of it you will only have to deal with your professor for months. That shouldn’t be enough for you to destroy your entire semester. Just imagine the fun things you are going to ruin because of your heightened emotions. Again, deal with it properly and pass your subject.  

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