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Worst Things You Can Do As An Exchange Student 

Becoming an exchange student is a good learning experience for any college student. It allows you to learn how to be independent in a different environment than what you are used to growing up. Living abroad is not the same as living in another town or another state. You have to interact with different people from different cultures. 

Things that may be normal for you can be taboo to theirs. That is why you must be careful of your actions when studying in a different country. To help you out, here are some of the things you have to avoid when you are an exchange student.

You Lack Respect 

Families that entertain exchange students would do things to make them feel comfortable and at ease. But keep in mind that though you are being treated as part of the family, never assume that it is ok to do things just because you want to. 

It is a good gesture that before you do anything around the house or decide to do a schedule, make sure that you inform the house owners about your plans and ask permission from them. It shows politeness, and you do not want to worry them about your whereabouts. It is better that you adjust to them as a guest rather than making them change for you.

You Don’t Eat What’s On The Table┬á

When living abroad, chances are you will experience eating the local food. It is part of the experience of becoming a foreign exchange student. You’ll have a taste of their culture, which is an excellent way to understand how they live.

Do not make your host adjust their meal just because you don’t like the taste of their food. The only acceptable reason is that you have an allergy to a particular food, or you are following a strict diet.┬á

You Often Complain About Your Host 

We are all humans, and nobody is perfect. You might have some issues with your host family, but it does not mean it is ok to tell other people and rant about it. 

Remember that these families have exerted their time and effort and have opened their doors to accommodate you. They are treating you as a family member, so it just that you also give the respect and appreciation they deserve. 

You Don’t Communicate With Your Host Directly┬á

As we’ve said, it is not polite to tell your issues about your host family to other people. If you do have one, it is better to discuss it with them.┬á

They should hear it from you first hand if there are things that make you feel uncomfortable. Keep in mind that you will be living there for a while, so it best if you resolve any issue immediately.

You Limit Your Friends 

If you are an exchange student, part of the experience is to meet new people from different places. Trying to limit yourself to only befriending people with the same cultural background would defeat the purpose of studying abroad.

Yes, this might be understandable, especially if you are looking in a country with a different language, but that is the fun of it. Not only would you expand your network, but you will also be able to pick up a new language to add to your skills. It is the best opportunity to improve your social skills and cultural awareness.

You Overspend 

When studying abroad, it can be overwhelming to try many things. Because of that, you might be spending more than what you can afford. Ensure that you are also aware of your country’s foreign exchange rate, and it would be a good idea to find cheaper alternatives for your money transfer.┬á

You Do Not Remember Your Priority

Do not forget why you are studying abroad. As much as it is fun to explore and experience a new country, your priority is to study. It may feel like a holiday, but you are there to attend class and are expected to pass. Besides, it is not cheap to become a foreign exchange student so make sure you make the most out of it.

Not everyone will get the opportunity to become a foreign exchange student. If you are lucky enough, then keep these things in mind. It will help make your stay more enjoyable.

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