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Why You Should Use Cloud Services, College Guide

Almost all of the media streaming apps such as Youtube, Instagram, and Flickr use the cloud. Even your banking apps and emails use it. So if these big companies all use cloud services, does this mean you should too? 

Before you decide on whether you should jump on the bandwagon and use the cloud, you need to understand what it is first. 

What Is The Cloud?

Cloud is a collection of networked computer hardware that works together to provide many aspects of cloud computing. There is no physical interaction between you and the hardware but you can access it through the use of a web interface. 

Through the use of the internet, the cloud allows you to outsource various tasks that you usually perform on your personal computer. It allows you to utilize the power of a network of interconnected machines without having to worry about managing any physical hardware.

Cloud Storage And Cloud Computing

When you talk about the cloud you might encounter the word cloud storage and cloud computing. These are the functions of the cloud. As a college student, what you will be using the most is its cloud storage feature. 

To store additional files on your computer, it’s either you free up space and delete some old files or buy an external memory hardware to add more storage space. This is what most people did back in the days before the cloud was introduced.

Cloud computing is usually used by businesses and large companies who use the cloud to perform most of their processing and use its software and resources. This saves them money as they do not need to invest in an infrastructure and can only choose the services they need from the cloud.

Now that you understand what the cloud is and how it functions, let us find out why you need to use cloud services as a college student.

Creates More Storage

Most universities and campuses of today are shifting towards digitalization especially now that online classes have become the norm. Therefore all the school materials such as homework, exams, projects, and papers are submitted digitally. Cloud services allow you to have additional storage space to store all your files regardless of how many there are.

Keeps You Organize

As a college student, you must keep everything organized as you can get easily overwhelmed with the multiple tasks you are given. By having a single storage space to keep your files, you do not have to worry about where to find them. This would give you more time to focus more on learning the topic and excelling in the class.


Cloud services provide you with a convenient way to store your files. There is no need for you to frequently erase your old files as you have enough storage space to even keep all your crazy pictures and old review papers together. There is also no need to invest in external memory hardware saving you money in the process.

Ease Of Access

Since cloud services can be remotely accessed, you can now easily retrieve your file anywhere and anytime as long as you have an internet connection and a proper mobile device. This is great for college students especially if you are the kind of person who is always on the go.

Can Easily Share And Edit Files With Your Peers

Cloud storage does not only allow you to store your files but it also lets you share them with other people and provide access to it. You can decide whether they are only allowed to view it or if they can edit the file. Many college students would benefit from this especially if they are tasked to do group work. 

It can also work between professors and students as the former can easily disseminate their reading material to class and vice versa. The professor can then add their comments on the students’ work in real-time.

Technology is here to help you. In today’s modern age, you need to be able to adapt to the changing trend and utilize technology to become successful. The cloud is one of the best technologies available today, use it to your advantage and make your college life easier.

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