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Why You Should Live Tiny After College

For decades, people often thought about getting massive properties or living in mansions. However, we’ve also seen a rise of people wanting to live tiny — we couldn’t blame them. In fact, we encourage college students to look at this lifestyle. Perhaps, it’s the best and most practical choice.   

What Are The Types Of Tiny Homes?  

When we talk about tiny houses, it usually refers to a home under 500 square feet. You can either live in houseboats, RVs, shipping container vans, mobile homes, or garage conversions. Long gone are the days when only financially challenged people chose to live tiny.   

Reasons Why You Should Consider Tiny Houses  

Here are the reasons that will convince you to change your lifestyle. 

You Can Save Money  

When you live in a tiny house, it would mean smaller bills. With that, you have money to spare if you want to invest in a business or save more cash for retirement. Since tiny houses are easier to maintain, it will require less power and you could even use solar panels to power up the entire home.  

Let’s not forget smaller mortgages for these types of houses. Some even pay for the whole property, making them mortgage-free.   

You Can Help The Environment  

Now more than ever, we have to be cautious with our environment. By living tiny, it means you are choosing an eco-friendly solution. For one, you will consume less carbon footprint. In addition, most homeowners practice composting their waste and even using composting toilets.  

When you live in a tiny home, you are more compelled to do outdoor activities, including gardening. Other houses have water catchments to reuse free rainwater. These little things, when put together, could be beneficial for the planet.   

You Have More Free Time  

Another great thing about living tiny is you get more free time on your hands as you don’t have to clean a huge space. It means you can allot more time for things you truly love. For example, you can go back to painting, dancing or writing. 

With all the things happening around, creating balance in your life is necessary.  

You Get To Keep Highly Useful Possessions  

When you live tiny, you are compelled to keep only essential things. In most cases, you just keep the ones you always use. Let’s just say, you are living a minimalist lifestyle.   

What’s great about it is you strip yourself off with unnecessary things. Again, saving you tons of money. Come to think of it, most of us are hoarding and we don’t even know what to do with the extra stuff.   

You Become Healthier  

According to studies, spending time outdoors is good for one’s health and can boost positive emotions as well. When you live in a tiny home, the outdoors becomes an extension of your house.   

You Get To Move Your Home Around  

This is not the case for all tiny homes. However, many small homes are moveable and it gives you the liberty to transfer wherever possible.   

If you are someone who easily gets tired of living in one place, choosing an RV or mobile home should do you good. Just imagine seeing a different view every day. This works perfectly, most especially if you work remotely.   

Are You Ready To Live In A Tiny Home?  

As exciting as it is, you have to assess if you are ready to move into a smaller space. Here are a few things you need to consider.  

  • Do you want to have a tiny home in one place or do you want to be mobile?  
  • Are you ok with leaving all your old stuff and starting with only the essentials?   
  • What is the type of work you are targeting?  

If you are unsure about tiny living, you can always give it a shot. Stay in a rental property and see if you can live comfortably. Of course, even with such a small space, you need to prioritize comfort and safety.  

You also have to manage your expectations. There are things you are accustomed to that you can’t bring in a tiny space. It’s a life-changing decision you have to think about. But to sum it all up, more and more people choose this option. It’s an indication that living tiny isn’t just a fad.  

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