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Why You Should Learn Spanish, University Student Tips  

In one of our articles, we’ve shared that there are many benefits of being bilingual or multilingual. And if you are planning to study another language, we highly recommend learning Spanish. Why you may ask? This post will enlighten you.   

400 Million Spanish Speakers Worldwide   

Here’s a fact. Did you know that there are more than 400 million Spanish speakers all over the globe? That means, you would be able to communicate with people, practically everywhere you are. And this is not just good for your career. This should also help your personal growth as you get to meet different people and learn from them at the same time.   

In the United States alone, Spanish is the second largest language, next to English.   

Be A Better Traveler   

When you travel to a different country, you don’t get to maximize their culture if you can’t understand the language.  

You see, Spanish is being spoken in several countries. Having said that, you can easily connect with the locals, and ask them questions directly. They will also appreciate that you try to learn their language, and will even give you a few insider tips. Some of the countries that use Spanish are the following:   

  • Costa Rica   
  • Panama   
  • Mexico   
  • Peru   
  • Argentina   
  • Colombia   

And these are all amazing places to visit.   

You Can Help More People   

When you are multilingual, you can help more people by translating messages to them. This might be trivial for some, but it makes a big impact. Let’s take a specific example.  

There are still a lot of people in the United States that do not welcome people from Mexico. And sometimes, these people are not yet used to speaking English. Sadly, others will take advantage of them. You, as someone who can understand both languages, can protect them.   

You Get To Appreciate The Real Art   

If you are to watch movies in Spanish, you are likely to appreciate it more if you listen to their words, instead of a dubbed one. It’s even better than reading the subtitles. Spanish can be extremely romantic and sexy to the ears.   

You Can Study Overseas   

Well, speaking Spanish isn’t exactly a requirement when you study abroad. But it makes it easier to adjust if you know several languages. It will be easier for you to talk to locals, just in case you will study in a Spanish-speaking country. And people won’t take advantage of you because you understand what they say.   

Employers Would Likely Hire You   

Did you know that those who learn how to speak the language have better chances of getting employed? And the best part is that they can even earn more. Now, that’s some reason to learn Spanish, right?   

Based on a study, you can increase your net by $51,000 just by learning how to speak the language.    

It Keeps Your Memory Sharp   

In general, learning a different language is beneficial to our cognitive skills. And that is why we highly encourage that you learn a few as early as now.   

You Become More Empathic   

Some of you might think that this is a false claim. But you have to look at speaking a different language in a different context. We all know that we have different cultures and it could affect how we speak. If you are familiar with Spanish, or any other language for that matter, you get to understand more than just the superficial meaning of the word. You will know how it is being used, and what emotions come along with it. Thus, you can show more empathy to others.    

Learning A New Language Becomes Easier   

When you are already used to speaking Spanish, it becomes easier to learn other languages as well. This allows you to widen your knowledge, which you can use in every area of your life.   

The good thing about our technology is that you don’t necessarily need to pay a hefty amount of cash if you wish to learn Spanish. There are several free resources online and you can take it from there first. For advanced lessons, your investment will surely go a long way. And, we also highly encourage you to find a native speaker so you can fine-tune your skills. Trust us, just by learning Spanish, you would be able to open doors for opportunities.    

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