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Why You Should Celebrate Your Small Wins, Tips For College Students

Most of us are used to celebrating big milestones. Of course, that’s a must and that’s good. But have you ever considered celebrating your small wins? If not, then this post can enlighten you. Considering that college life is already stressful, you need to know how to lighten up and celebrate small achievements once in a while.  

Your Big Dreams Won’t Happen Overnight  

Here’s a truth bomb.  

Your dream of having that big house, or earning that huge income is not going to be an overnight success. It will be years of hard work. And in fact, it’s never going to be smooth sailing.  

Having said that, what if your goals happen in fifty years? Are you not going to enjoy your life? Isn’t that sad? 

Small Failures Can Easily Demotivate You  

Naturally, when we stumble upon roadblocks, we sometimes question ourselves if it is the right path for us. And if you are not motivated enough, you will just leave your plans hanging.  

And so, without tools to push you once again, it would be harder to achieve your goals. These tools that we are talking about are your rewards for small wins.  

Learn How To Appreciate Everything  

For example, you have a plan. And within that plan, you see that you are still far away from the finish line. What would you do? Get depressed or see things in a different light? 

Why don’t you tell yourself how much you’ve gone through? List down all the accomplishments and even the learnings from your obstacles.  

Most of the time, we are so focused on the end goal that we don’t appreciate the journey. Live in the now!  

Use A Milestone Approach  

When you are given a big project, we recommend that you break it down into chunks. And from there, create milestones. Use a phase-approach where you can pause or reward yourself after accomplishing the tasks.  

What’s good about taking this technique is that you are able to relax, step back, and see what you’ve done. At least whenever some things are to be changed, you can do so easily. This is way better than trying to finish the entire thing only to realize that you messed up the first few steps.  

Don’t Put So Much Pressure On Yourself  

It’s always good to have a deadline for your goals. It makes you work harder. However, if it is taking a toll on your mental and emotional health, then you have to reassess your life.  

Again, we only have a few years to live on this planet. Would you really want despair and negative thoughts to win you over?  

Accept that failure is part of your life. Plus, just in case your plans don’t work out, what’s the worst that could happen?  

Remember, when you are relaxed and calm, the best ideas come rushing in.  

Types Of Small Rewards You Can Give To Yourself  

You don’t have to buy yourself expensive gadgets or designer items whenever you achieve small wins. Unless of course, you have a hefty bank account. But as a college student, most likely you are still on a tight budget. And so perhaps you wonder what are the types of rewards you can give to yourself. Here are a few ideas.  

Watch A Movie  

If you are a movie buff, then spending time alone or with your friends watching a great film should do you good. Pair it with popcorn and you are all set.  

Get A Haircut  

Maybe you’ve been spending too much time on your project that you forgot to get groomed. Change your look, and you would soon realize that you can change your perspective. That’s effective if you are running out of ideas for a project.  

Do-Nothing Day  

Even if you are used to doing a lot of things, it would be great to have just a day where you will just relax and do nothing. If you want to sleep most of the day, that’s good. If you want to read a book that has been collecting dust, that’s an option as well.  

Go Hiking Or Camping  

Most tasks today will involve technology. Thus, we suggest that you experience what real nature has to offer? You can even invite your friends to make it even enjoyable.  

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