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Why You Need To Watch Operation Varsity Blues

Just recently we watched Operation Varsity Blues. And after watching the entire documentary, we felt that it’s fitting that we write something about it. It’s relevant and timely, most especially for incoming freshmen students.  

Perhaps you’ve already heard the news years ago. But in the documentary in Netflix, it took a different approach in retelling the story. It’s still shocking to see how unfair and unjust the system is – not just in terms of political and economic aspect, but even in the university level. You can see that the system is rotten and filled with corruption.  

The Beginning of the Scam

Everything started when Rick Singer formulated the scheme wherein rich high school students will be given a ticket to go to their preferred university. He found a loophole where he would come up with hoax profiles, making them appear like they are varsity students. And with his connections, they would be recommended to be part of the university’s team. As for the exam, he asked someone with a high intellect to take it for the teens. And of course, this came with a high fee.  

Everything was going well, and he was living a lavish lifestyle, until he was exposed. All of his clients were extremely rich. Well, that makes sense because his professional ‘fee’ is just outrageous.  

We are not saying the documentary was perfectly made. In terms of technicalities, it’s plain. Yet, you can still learn a lot from the entire fiasco.  

Shocking Blow To The University System  

As you watch the documentary, you will feel a slight disgust on how things work inside. Some of you might be spending hours reviewing for exams to deserve a spot in the university. And then there are these rich people who would just sit around, take their vlogging cameras, and wait for the expected positive results from the university.  

It’s sad that it reflects how money can move mountains. The ironic part is that, we are sent to schools to learn what is right and what is wrong. But some people would start their children’s university life with an already wrong deed.  

Pressure On Students 

There were also raw footages wherein actual students recorded their reactions upon seeing the results from the universities. Some were screaming in happiness, while others are crying out of frustration.  

That shows how much pressure these college applications could be for younger generations. It can take a toll on their mental health.  

The Back Door And Side Door  

Rick Singer’s scheme was called side door. But he also mentioned a different strategy to get your kids into the university. He calls it the back door where you give donations to the schools. But again, this is not a guarantee that you will have a spot. Either way, it’s still trying to win the spot not because of the skills of your child, but because of money.  

It’s All About The Name  

Today, people still think that if you earned your degree from these popular schools, you are better than the rest. Otherwise, why would you spend thousands of dollars just to get your children admitted? We bet they don’t care about the quality of education. But for them, it’s a bragging right. While it is true that earning a degree should make one proud, it doesn’t mean that it should define you as a person.  

There are many talented individuals who are studying in local colleges, yet they have so much potential. Sadly, their opportunities were blocked by greedy people.  

Hiding The Truth From Children  

From the documentary, you would see that some of the children were not aware of the scheme. After receiving the news that they made it, they felt good – of course. But that’s a complete deception. Their parents knew that the exam was taken by a professional and that everything was manipulated.  

You Can Be Educated Anywhere  

We love how one of them said in the documentary that you can be educated, wherever you are. It doesn’t matter if you go to these expensive and prestigious Ivy League schools. If you want to be knowledgeable, you can do so. Come to think of it. The resources today could be easily found online. If you want to learn more, that’s possible.  

So don’t pressure yourself or take it personally if you don’t make it in your dream university. It shouldn’t be your basis if you are good enough.  

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