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Why You Need To Start Writing Your To-Do List 

You have your homework on statistics and a project for your art class. Don’t forget the exams for your majors and that you have to set up your booth for your club’s event. 

Oh, did we mention that you still have basketball practice and have to meet up with your friends for that movie date?  You have a lot on your plate, dear friend. 

College life could be a handful, especially when things start to come simultaneously. One minute you are relaxing, the next thing you know, you are going left and right, trying to sort out all the things you need to accomplish. 

If you are scrambling yourself trying to figure out how you can manage everything, then it is time for you to start writing your To-do-List. Here are the reasons why?

It Helps You Prioritize Tasks

Things in college are way different when you were in high school. You have more school works that seem never-ending. You also have your own personal businesses to attend to, like grocery shopping and social responsibilities. Simply put, you have more responsibilities which you were not accustomed to when you were younger.  

Having a to-do-list would enable you to set your priorities on what you need to accomplish first. If you have a school deadline, you’ll know that you have to settle that the soonest. On the other hand, you can already do tasks which will only require you a few minutes. That way, you can tick it off from your list. 

Improves Your Academic Performance And Personal Life

Having a well-planned list allows you to organize thoughts. Hence, you will be able to focus more on the most important thing while studying in college- your studies. 

By eliminating the need to mentally remember every task, it would help you absorb more information to perform better in your class.  

A list would also affect your own personal life as you would have spare time to spend with your friends. You’ll also have the time to do what you are passionate about or enjoy other recreational activities.

A To-Do-List Is A Great Stress Reliever

Listing down your day’s task would help reduce stress and anxiety. College life could be stressful, and we couldn’t emphasize this enough. 

If you can at least minimize the factors that affect your emotional well-being, then you will have a happier college life experience. 

Having a systematic way of doing things allows you to become more efficient and you can do things faster. It also gives you flexibility as you can arrange your schedule. You can create your own list of tasks according to what you think would suit you. 

Essentially when you know you are on track, it reduces the stress level.

A Good Practice For Your Future

If you think college life is tiring, wait until you get out of it. The world is fast-paced and would require people to multi-task. If you can establish a habit of creating a to-do-list when you are still in college, you will be able to use this when you try to work in the future. 

It improves your management skills which is an important asset if you plan to move up the ranks in your career. This practice also creates discipline. If you know your specific tasks for the day, you would most likely be able to properly allocate your time to stick with it.

It Will Help You Achieve Your Goal

Creating a list enables you to see things in detail. Breaking down your tasks helps in identifying the specifics,  which are usually overlooked when things are unorganized. 

Attention to detail is one key to achieving your goal. Sometimes, goals can be overwhelming as it becomes too big to accomplish. If you list it down step by step, then the task becomes manageable. After all, it is easier to accomplish small things. From here, you will realize that you are already at the finish line.

Whether you use a pen and paper or you are a bit more high-tech and prefer tablets and smartphones, you must practice having a to-do-list. It is a simple thing to do and would only take you less than 5 minutes. 

Small move, big returns.  That’s how we can perfectly describe it. 

Creating a to-do-list buys you time. And just so you know, that’s the most expensive commodity in the world.  Try it now for yourself. We’re pretty sure you won’t regret it.

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