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Why You Need To Read Books Than Searching Online

Why You Need To Read Books Than Searching Online

The advancement in technology such as smartphones and the internet has helped a lot of students. 

Nowadays, it is easy to research and get information about anything. Simply type what you need to know, and then in a few seconds, you will be given tons of websites containing the information you need. So the question is, are books still relevant today?

Most college students prefer using the internet when doing their research, but most experts agree that books should still be the primary source of information. In this article, we will discuss why books are better compared to the internet.

Convenience Vs. Accuracy

Yes, the internet is more convenient to use as you can do your research anytime and anywhere. All it takes is a suitable mobile device and an internet connection, and you are good to go. 

But the problem is, this feature is the exact reason why it is not advisable to trust whatever you see on the internet. 

Since the internet is accessible to anyone, people can easily contribute their own opinions without someone verifying the truthfulness of it. 

Anyone can type any information on the internet and post it until someone downloads and mistake it as a fact. 

Books, on the other hand, are scrutinized, edited, and checked thoroughly before they can even be published. Hence, errors are seldom found in books. 

Having said that, it is more difficult to verify the authenticity of the information from the internet compared to books.

Risk Of Having An Information Overload

When seeking answers to your problems, books provide a more specific and comprehensive list of information. 

On the other hand, the internet will provide you with many answers, which is why it sometimes confuses the readers as there is too much information to process. They say the internet would give you 10,000 answers while books would give you one that is accurate. We’d rather go for the latter. 

Better For Your Mind And Body

According to a study, reading books allows you to relax, reduce anxiety and stress. 

When you read books, your brain functions and starts to imagine. This is an excellent way to exercise your brain. When you are stressed about what is happening around you, reading a book is a good stress reliever as it can bring you to a new world built by your imagination.

Helps Create Positive Atmosphere

Books are great tools for creating a positive atmosphere and can help you become more motivated. 

Yes, there are many motivational videos available on the web, but books create a whole different experience. 

Most of the things that you find on the net are made to attract an audience. But with books, it was written to share the author’s experience, which is something more meaningful.

Not The Same As The Real Deal

Some might argue that e-books are just the same as actual ones. But there is something about the way an actual book feels. 

The color, font style, and scent of the paper, add to the experience of reading an actual book are things you cannot get online. 

In addition, stories are not just in the book but the actual physical book as well. It can tell you stories about where it was first purchased, the stains on each page, and all the people who read the book. It adds to the character of the book that makes it more exciting to read.

There Are A Lot Of Distractions From The Internet

You can search for anything on the web, and this is why you can easily get distracted. 

When using actual books, you can focus on what you are reading. Unlike when you search on the net, you get tempted to go to your social media account or browse over other sites. Because of this, you are wasting valuable time that you could have used to do your research.

These are the reasons why you need to read books than search the internet. But this does not mean that you should not do your research over the net. 

The internet is a powerful tool if used correctly. So it is not wrong to embrace technology. But keep in mind that you can still benefit from doing things the old-fashioned way. 

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