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Why You Need An Instant Pot For Your College Dormitory

If you are going to live in a dormitory, make sure that you bring an Instant Pot with you. This is a must (as long as your RA will approve of it). If you are still not convinced, we will give you a few reasons why this  is an investment for college students.  

What Is An Instant Pot? 

When we say Instant Pot, it’s a pressure cooker, rice cooker, and slow cooker all in one. It’s ideal if you don’t want to carry a lot of appliances in your cramped room, yet you still wish to have delicious meals every single time.  

You see, a lot of college students resort to fast food. These, as well all know, aren’t healthy and could take a toll in one’s health sooner or later. But if you order from restaurants offering healthy meals, that could eat up a huge portion of your budget. Hence, it’s best if you learn how to cook healthy dishes even without a complete kitchen in your room.  

You Won’t Have To Worry About Burnt Dishes  

You forgot you are cooking? Worry no more! The Instant Pot self-regulates and over-cooking will never be your problem. Again, this is perfect for busy college students having multiple tasks to finish. You can be sure to eat a decent meal even after hours of studying for your exam.    

You Can Practically Cook Anything  

The best thing about an Instant Pot is that you can basically whip up anything. If you wish to create pancakes, that’s possible. How about a nice soup? That can be done as well. What about steaks or delicious salmon? Trust us, an Instant Pot can do it all. You would be surprised that you will be cooking like a pro.  

It’s Smart  

Just so you know, you can connect your Instant Pot to your smartphone, making everything efficient and safe.  

How Much Are Instant Pots? 

Instant Pots range between $60 to over $100. But if you are going to look at the savings you’d get from not buying food from restaurants, it’s all worth it.   

Is It Safe?  

The modern pots are known to be safer than most and older versions of pressure cookers. So if you worry about the lid going up your ceiling, that could be the least of your worries.  

What Can I Do With An Instant Pot?  

As we’ve said, you can do and cook practically anything from here. If you want to cook porridge, bake cake, make yogurt, or create anything that you desire, you can do so with this.  

It Comes In Different Sizes  

Since you will be living in a small space, we urge you to get the smaller models that could help you prepare meals for one or two people. At least you can whip something for your roommate. Or if you are living on your own, you can create meals that can last for the entire day. After all, we bet you don’t have the time to cook for every meal, do you?  

Is It Hard To Use?  

Some people are intimidated to use an Instant Pot. They feel that it has so many features and you need to understand a lot of things before you can even start it. But surprisingly, it is easy to work with. Just follow the manual and you would be cooking like a pro. 

Is Cleaning A Breeze?  

We can’t say that cleaning an Instant Pot is as easy as 123. But it isn’t a nightmare either. Just take out the liner, the lid, and wash it with dishwashing soap.  

Professionals Cooks Love It Too 

Just so you know, even those who are experts in the kitchen appreciate Instant Pot. It makes their lives so much easier, and they can feed more people in less time.  

We encourage you to make your own meals as a college student. Apart from the money you would save, it can also be your break from all the school-related activities.

Just so you know, many people cook to release stress. Perhaps, this could be your new hobby. And in fact, if you are good enough, this could be your side business. Why not prepare meals for other college students? The extra cash can be used to pay your college debt, or you can use it to reward yourself with little luxuries in life.  

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