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Why Watch FRIENDS With College Buddies

The FRIENDS TV series defined a generation. It has become an icon that even the younger people are now enjoying it. And for those who have already completed the series, they are re-watching it because it’s just too good.  

If you haven’t included this is your list of ‘to-watch’, this post could convince you. Here are the reasons why you need to watch FRIENDS, either with your friends or on your own.  

The Catchy Theme Song  

According to reports, the theme song of the TV series was such a big hit. In fact, they needed to create a full version of it because people started to request the song on the radio. Well, if you listen to it right now, it’s just such a feel-good tune where you can forget your worries, even just for a while.  

It Doesn’t Matter If You Are Broke  

With FRIENDS, you can see that they are all trying to survive and that they have their fair share of ups and downs.  

You see, some college students think that after earning a degree, it will be smooth sailing to find a job. In reality, it doesn’t work that way. You have to start at the bottom of the ladder and work your way up.  

It’s not going to be easy, sure. But with the right set of friends, things will be more bearable.  

You Can Be Yourself  

As a college student, sometimes you just want to fit in. This is where peer pressure starts. But if you watch FRIENDS, you would see that they have different personalities, yet they could still work together and have fun.  

That’s what you have to embrace. Even if we have different characters and our beliefs are not the same, there should always be mutual respect.  

Following Your Passion Works  

If you will look at the characters in FRIENDS, you will notice that they all followed their passion. Whether it’s being a copywriter, an actor, or a hippy masseuse, it’s all fine. And because they followed what they want, they seem to enjoy their life more.  

The Lines Are Hilarious  

 If you just want to have fun and enjoy, watching FRIENDS can certainly help you. The lines are so clever and witty, you feel that you are just talking to your real friends.  

While some people compare the series to How I Met Your Mother, we have to understand that they have different appeal.  

It’s Ok To Struggle  

You are young and you are bound to make mistakes. It could be a bad decision about your profession, or relationships. The FRIENDS TV series will show you that it’s fine. What matters most is that you pick yourself up and try again.  

90s Is The Best  

It’s an era where technology is starting to boom, yet people are still happy with so-called mundane things.  

They just love hanging out and having conversations with their buddies. They go out of town, and they don’t feel the need to post anything.  

Plus, the fashion is good too. In fact, you can get classic inspiration and use it when you go to the campus.  

You Can Relate To One Of The Characters  

What we love about the TV series is that you get to see yourself in one of the characters. Maybe you are Monica who’s obsessive compulsive. Or perhaps you are Joey who loves women.  

While watching, you start to think of your friends too and compare their personalities with the characters.  

Guest Stars Are Amazing 

You would be surprised how star-studded the series was. Brad Pitt and Julia Robers can be seen in some of the episodes too. Simply put, there’s always an element of surprise which will hook you up.   

You Get To Appreciate Your FRIENDS More  

What we love about FRIENDS is that it shows you a high level of love for your friends. It’s as if they are already your family.  

You see, this is a good reminder for most people. Sometimes we are born in a family where we feel abandoned or not welcomed. It shows that you can always find a family through your friends.  

We have to warn you though. FRIENDS can be addicting. It’s hard to stop watching it episode after episode. But you have to control yourself. Perhaps, run it during the weekends or if you have no reports to finish.  

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