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Why University Students Should Visit Libraries

With the advent of technology and Google, some people might wonder if it is necessary to visit public libraries. You might think, wouldn’t it be a waste of time to travel and to manually search for information if you can do it at your fingertips? 

But going libraries has its own sets of benefits. It’s what we would like to share with you before you completely despise the dusty books. 

You Get the Right Information 

Neil Gaiman says, “Google can bring you back 100,000 answers. A librarian can bring you back the right one.” 

This is true in every sense. Online information is definitely fast and easy to access. However, since the public can share their own version of online information, it can be hard to identify whether it is credible. Wikipedia, for example, allows anyone to edit details on their platform.  

Things are different when you visit a library and seek help from a passionate librarian. When you approach them, they will give you answers backed up by intense research and knowledge. Yes, it could be slower than Google, but it’s more precise. There’s no room for fake news as they value real information. 

Find Real Gems and Rare Books 

Another reason why you should go to a library is that they usually keep rare books. You can’t just find these online, no matter how you try. 

Let’s say you are doing a reaction paper. Most of your classmates would resort online, and they will find the same information all over again. At the end of the day, they will submit similar content. As for you, the one who decided to visit the library, you can integrate the rare information you just found. If you are more comfortable doing your report at home, you can always borrow books. With this, you have something new offer, and your professors will appreciate that you took the extra mile for that particular task.  

Meet Like-Minded Individuals 

We recommend going to libraries to meet like-minded people. More often than not, they take studying seriously – something you need to do if you want to pass your courses. 

Library-goers are usually generous and passionate about sharing what they’ve learned. As for you, you certainly gain more. 

Likewise, it’s an excellent avenue to form connections and networks. Sometimes, events are held in libraries, and these are mostly for free. You can take advantage of that by joining and meeting new people. We couldn’t stress enough how important it is to expand your network as early as now.  

Another thing is that you can always volunteer at these small gatherings. Besides learning new things, and meeting people, you get to add more valuable experience to your resume. Employers will be impressed that you have the initiative to do more aside from school works. 

An Environment Perfect For Studying and Research  

When you conduct your research online, you can do so everywhere. You can do it in your bedroom, while you wait for the bus, or while taking short breaks. That’s good, but it also has a disadvantage. Since you know that the information, whether credible or not, is available right away, you tend to lack focus. Come to think of it, you can also access other apps such as your social media or online games.  

However, if you go to a library, your main goal is to study and research. There are lesser distractions too because ‘silence’ is highly encouraged. 

Preserving the History 

Libraries have been protecting some of the most important information about our history. We must also do our part to preserve it. You can do so by supporting public libraries, learning about our past, and passing the same to the younger generation. 

You Help the Underserved Population 

This last point might surprise you, but going to libraries is a good way to support the underserved population. 

If you must know, some of these structures are converted to sleeping areas for homeless people during night time. Also, the libraries offer them a source of income by employing a few. The more that you support the public libraries, the more it can generate funds. That means they will have the means to continue helping not just those who are hungry for new knowledge, but also those who are financially challenged. 

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