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Why Most People Will Never Be Great At Math

Math is one of those subjects that you either love or hate. Some people have a mediocre attitude toward it. But the further you go in math study, the more challenging it typically becomes. There are several common reasons why most of us will never fall in love with math.

Math is Formulaic

Mathematics is a subject that requires the mastery of formulas. For example, numbers have to be organized in certain patterns to make sense. While that is true generally for many subjects, math courses require precision. Processes like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division follow strict rules that cannot be adjusted. For some people, this tight approach to problem solving is uncomfortable.

Problem Solving Requires Analysis

The higher-level math classes become increasingly complex. Extensive analysis is needed to construct a problem using certain variables in geometry or algebra, for example, and then analyzing the setup for an iron-clad solution. If a single variable is wrong or out of place, the problem will not work. When variables are exchangeable, for example, adding a whole number with a negative number, more abstract thinking and logical analysis will be needed. The more that in-depth logical analysis is required, the harder it is for some people to dissect and solve a problem.

It Takes Time

Simple math in elementary school can be learned efficiently by memorizing math facts using basic numbers. But as students continue to take higher-level math classes, the work becomes more challenging and time-consuming. People with limited attention spans or with busy schedules sometimes cannot afford to put the work into solving detailed math problems that it takes. They prefer subjects that they are more comfortable with that, for them at least, are easier to manage and require less time.

Math is Progressive

Some students take only the required math courses for high school and college. Others, however, may have to take additional math courses to meet the requirements of their major field of study, such as engineering or technology. Students who begin to struggle with math courses might decide they don’t like the subject or want to spend considerable time solving problems that they find difficult or non-essential.

Answers are Black and White

Because of the rigidity of math accuracy and precision, there is no wiggle room for answers that are “close”. The answer to a math problem is either right or wrong. For some students, that is both annoying and intimidating. They get frustrated after several attempts at solving a problem end in failure, and they are ready to give up.

Math Skills are Often Unnecessary

In today’s culture, information of almost any time is just a click away on the Internet. Using a smart phone, iPad, or computer, people can get answers to their math questions in seconds rather than working out a math problem for themselves. If they try to figure out how much they’re spending while shopping for groceries, the calculator handles it for them. Workouts at the gym can be measured and timed using a phone app. People don’t need to know math formulas for daily life anymore, since there are easier ways to find answers.

While math may not seem important for reasons like these, it still offers a valuable set of skills that can come in handy, especially when a computer or a system is hacked. Learning math helps to develop analytical problem-solving abilities. It is a subject that can be more helpful than we realize.

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