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Why Is Upskilling Important For College Students 

So, apart from your lectures in your core program, it is essential that you upskill when you step out of the university. It will make you more relevant, and this is going to be your edge whenever you look for a job. If you still can’t see its value, here’s a post that could help you. Let’s answer, why do you need to upskill. Likewise, we will share some of the best skills that you need to continuously work on.  

This Will Make Your CV Fresh  

When you upskill, most especially the trainings where you can get certificates, it could improve your resume. Your employers will see you as someone who’s proactive in sharpening your skills. And of course, we all know that it will make you more valuable or marketable. 

You Can Transition To A Different Job  

Changing jobs is always a possibility. Perhaps, you aren’t contented with your current role. Or you want to move to a different industry. Or like in 2020, there are many people who lost their jobs because of the pandemic. Whatever the reason may be, you must upskill. If you keep on investing in your skills, you will always have an opportunity to grow and thrive in any niche.  

Good Venue To Network  

When you train for new skills, you get to meet other people. You learn from them, and at the same time, you are strengthening your network. For someone who’s just starting to work, forming a strong network is necessary. They could be your ticket for a better future.  

How Can You Upskill

While the most obvious answer is to enrol yourself in training programs, there are also other avenues where you can further improve your skills.  

Have The Initiative To Start Projects  

If you want to develop new skills, you must be willing to get out of your comfort zone. For example, if you are already employed, you can be proactive in starting or joining projects not specifically under your department. That way, you can improve your collaboration skills and be even more creative during the process.  

Follow Inspirational People  

What you can also do is to look up for industry leaders online. Most of the time, they are doing talks and conferences which they also upload on their respective channels. Even if you just listen to them, you will learn a thing or two about specific topics. And when you do this regularly, your learnings will be accumulated, and you would be able to use it at work ‚Äď or even in your personal life. ¬†

What You Need To Upskill  

Let’s categorize the skills you need to refine. We have the hard skills and we also have the soft skills. When we say hard skills, these are the things which are easier to quantify. On the other hand, soft skills are also known as interpersonal skills or people skills.  

Types of Hard Skills  

  • New Language¬†¬†
  • Typing Speed¬†¬†
  • Computer Programming¬†¬†

Of course, these are important. In today’s age, you need to learn technical skills, most especially that our technology changes fast. Come to think of it, some of the tools years ago are obsolete today. If you are not going to catch up, then how are you going to compete or even survive in the corporate world?  

Types of Soft Skills  

Some people think that soft skills are not important. But in reality, if you want to be highly productive, and if you wish to thrive at work, soft skills are critical. But what are these?  


You see, no matter how good you are with technical skills, it wouldn’t matter if you don’t how to communicate. When we say communication, it is not confined to speaking or being articulate. You also have to listen and know how to respond accordingly.  


When you are about to work, you always have to consider your team. Most likely, you will have to complete projects with them. And even if you do your job well, if you are not able to work efficiently with others, the entire project will fail.  


This is crucial even if you are not yet leading a team. When you have a mindset of a leader, you make sure that you complete tasks the best way possible. And that’s a good trait even as a team member.  

Time Management  

Another soft skill that you must work on is your time management. Many employees are getting stressed because they don’t know how to balance their time. But if you are able to prioritize what’s important and urgent, then you can live a better life. You can even enjoy most of your days.  

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