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Why Freediving Should Be Your Next Adventure With College Friends  

Are you running out of activities that you can do with your friends? Why not try freediving? For most people, this can seem intimidating. But there are several benefits of trying out this awesome adventure. If you want to know more, this post is perfect for you. We will enlighten you on why freediving should be on your bucket list with your awesome friends.   

What Is Freediving?   

Freediving simply means you dive underwater in a single breath, and this is without the help of any external equipment or source of air. You need to be fully relaxed, focused, and you must have full attention if you wish to try this out.   

Is It Safe?   

While some think of the sport as extreme and could lead to death, such cases are isolated. When done right, it can be considered a safe sport.   

What Are The Benefits Of Freediving?   

There are several advantages to trying out this new adventure. Let us highlight some of those.   

You Get To Challenge Yourself   

If this is your first time to do freediving, it seems that you are challenging yourself. You see, once you challenge yourself, you always try to improve. You learn new skills, and you become braver.   

See The Amazing Underwater   

The world under the sea is just amazing. You would be surprised how calming and whimsical it could get when you are there swimming with the sea creatures. It’s far more different from just visiting large aquariums and parks. When you freedive, you get to be with the ecosystem. And this experience can be fulfilling.  

A Great Physical Workout   

Do you want to be fit? If yes, then why don’t you try this activity? Swimming, if you must know, is a full-body workout. All your muscles will have to work, and that’s good if you are looking for something challenging for your body.   

You Become More Confident   

There are still many people who are afraid to go underwater. But if you have conquered it, you will feel that sense of pride and confidence. It’s like wearing your medal that you’ve made it underwater and back to the surface. And believe it or not, that confidence can be seen even if you are out of the water.    

It’s One Of The Best Meditation Exercises   

As college students, you might feel exhausted with all the work and reports from your professors. If you want to release some steam, then going underwater could be the perfect solution. According to experts, freediving is one of the best meditation exercises out there. This means, it will also be beneficial for your emotional and mental health.   

You see, a lot of university students suffer from anxiety and even depression. If you wish to decrease your level of stress, then invite your friends and try this out.   

Teaches You Self-Discipline   

What we also love about freediving is that you get to learn how to discipline yourself. While generally safe, being underwater can be intimidating. You need to relax and to stop panicking. And that’s what you get to learn from this. The skill, as you may know, can be beneficial not just in freediving, but in other areas of your life as well.   

It’s Cost Efficient Compared To Scuba Diving   

Buying, or even renting scuba equipment can be expensive. But with freediving, you get to have the same experience for a fraction of the cost. Since most college students are on a budget, this could be the better option. Plus, the adventure itself is already memorable.   

You Get To Connect With Other People   

More folks are now trying out freediving because of its benefits. And that means, you have more people to meet. You can bond with them and share the love for the underwater. It’s a good break since you don’t have to talk about your reports or schoolwork, even for just for a while.   

Safety Tips When Freediving   

When you freedive, make sure that you practice safety precautions. Here are a few things you have to remember.   

  • Don’t freedive on your own. Make sure to have a buddy   
  • Have a dive plan and check the conditions of the water  
  • Never forget to equalize   
  • Never force yourself to dive when you are tired   
  • Don’t scuba dive and freedive on the same day    
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