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Why Emotional Intelligence is as Important as Intellectual Quotient

In the past, people hail those who have high Intellectual Quotient. Almost everyone knows Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, and Nicolaus Copernicus because of their exemplary IQ and contribution to various banks of knowledge. Of course, they all deserve it. However, it seems that we give premium to only our intellectual quotient while forgetting that emotional intelligence is as relevant. And that’s what we are going to share with you in this post. 

What is Emotional Intelligence?      

Let’s begin first by defining what emotional intelligence is. Some people refer to this as EQ or emotional quotient wherein it talks about our ability to understand and manage our emotions positively. A person with a high EQ can easily empathize with others and can face challenges while still having a positive disposition in life. 

Now, many areas in our lives could be improved if we hone our emotional intelligence. We listed some of these below. 

Improves Productivity 

Whether you are studying a hard subject or already working, it is not only the technical challenges that you have to face. Unfortunately, other factors could hinder you from being productive. 

Personal problems can get in the way, and it isn’t easy to separate it from work or studies. There could also be issues between you and your classmates or even with your professors. If you let negative emotions consume you, it will take the energy that you could use for more important things. 

However, if you are someone that has a good EQ, you can understand why other people suddenly react differently, and you can manage your emotions. Ultimately, you can resolve social conflicts because you don’t let your emotions control you. Instead, you control it and use better judgment to pacify negative emotions. 

Boosts Mental Health 

People who are not able to control their emotions are more prone to having stress. And when you are regularly stressed, it could lead to anxiety and even depression. In the US alone, anxiety disorders are considered one of the most common mental illnesses in the country. 

There are different ways to improve emotional intelligence, and these can substantially help in managing stress, and therefore decreasing the chance of having these mental health conditions.

Please take note that there are different sources of mental health problems, and it may be necessary to check with a professional if you notice early signs or symptoms.  

Enhances Physical Health  

It is not only the mental health that can be improved by having high emotional quotient, your physical health can be affected too. 

This can still be attributed to stress as it can lead to severe heart conditions. It can increase your blood pressure levels and deplete your immune system’s natural capacity. Also, since people who are suffering from anxiety and depression usually do not engage themselves in physical activities, they tend to overeat or not to eat at all. Either way, it could affect physical health on a massive scale. 

Fosters Better Relationship 

People with high emotional quotient are known to handle relationships better. Being emotional and having a good level of EQ are two different things. As we’ve mentioned earlier, EQ is the ability to understand, manage, and control your emotions. Thus, you could empathize with the people around you. 

Take for example when someone from your groupmates starts to get irate. This could influence the mood of the entire group. Before you know it, there will be a heated argument. If you cannot manage your emotions, you end up joining that intense discussion. More often than not, problems are not solved because everyone becomes irrational already. And so with emotional intelligence, these misunderstandings are resolved faster. 

Allows You to Lead 

Lastly, a high level of emotional intelligence makes it easier to lead yourself and also others. You are able to understand what they feel. Hence, you can provide them with solutions according to their needs. This is beneficial not just in school works but also in the real workplace. 

If you must know, employers would rather hire a person with high emotional intelligence than a person who possesses a high IQ. And so as early as now, we should find the right balance. Don’t let your emotions hinder you from reaching your maximum potential. 

It isn’t enough that you have straight As or an outstanding GPA. You must also hone what other people call as interpersonal skills. And you can do so if you have a high EQ.  

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