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Why Do You Need To Detach From Technology, University Student Guide

We understand that technology plays a huge part in your university life. Most of your learning materials and even means of communication will require gadgets and an internet connection. However, we still encourage you to unplug or detach yourself from these technologies once in a while. If you don’t see any reason, we have it here for you.   

This Could Reduce Your Stress Levels   

Believe it or not, detaching yourself from your gadgets can help in decreasing your stress levels. You can temporarily stay away from the non-stop notifications. Use the time to just be with nature. Go for a walk or run around the campus. Of course, you can still bring your smartphone, but put it in airplane mode for a while. Half an hour of this wouldn’t hurt so bad, would it?   

You Would Have More Time For Other Things   

When we are using our gadgets, we tend to overspend our time scrolling on social media or watching videos. And before you know it, you’ve already wasted hours. You can do so much if you unplug from technology. For example, visit your local library or go to the museums. These are a few things most people do not appreciate nowadays. But quite frankly, these adventures can be good for the soul.   

It Can Help With Your Physical Health   

Generally, when you detach from technology, you will find ways to make your time productive. Some people would resort to jogging or doing physical activities. That’s a brilliant idea. If you spend too much time on gadgets, you are probably sitting for a long time or lying in bed for hours. It’s a sedentary lifestyle that you need to avoid.   

You Get To Appreciate What’s In Front Of You   

One of the advantages of using technology is that you get to see and learn things virtually even if these are miles away from you. But the downside is, we don’t appreciate what’s in front of us. It’s time to put down your phone and turn off your laptop. Go around and see local tourist spots. Or perhaps, just enjoy the park and even the scenery which you thought was mundane.   

It’s Beneficial For Your Mental Health   

Another great thing that could happen when you don’t heavily rely on technology is that you protect your mental health. Social media can be a breeding ground for negative things. You can see a lot of fake news, and people are posting images of their pretentious life. For some, they might compare their lives with others. And they will often times feel low. The best solution for it – keep your social media hours at a minimum.   

Make Real Connection   

When you detach yourself from your devices, you get to have meaningful conversations with the people around you. And these are the things that you will treasure the most.   

You Would Know If You Have An Addiction   

Addiction, in any form, is never good. And you can only know if you are suffering from it if you take that thing away from you. In this case, we are talking about your gadgets. Now, if you feel you can’t fully function or if you get agitated just because you don’t have your phone, then maybe it’s about time that you get help.   

How To Unplug From Technology   

Do It Slowly   

We are not expecting you to do drastic change, most especially if you are used to being connected through technology. And that is why we recommend that you take it step by step. For example, set a time every day where you will stay away from your gadgets. It could be an hour or two.   

Get An Alarm Clock   

If you rely on your phone‘s alarm clock, then it’s about time that you invest in a real alarm clock. Why, you may ask? It’s because you would usually have your phone at an arm’s length. And in that case, you can be tempted to reach out for it if you can’t sleep.   

We recommend that you put your phone as far as you can. After all, we can all be lazy to go up once we are settled in bed. And if you are a heavy sleeper, this is where a good ol’ alarm clock could work.    

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