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Why Baking Is a Good Hobby for College Students 

At the height of the pandemic, people who needed to stay at home learned a lot of new things. Some unleashed their passion for painting, and others spent time improving their physique. For some, spending more time in the kitchen made them love cooking and baking. Now, speaking of baking, it’s a good hobby that you should consider too. As a college student, you can take advantage of this new skill.   

Why, you may ask? If you are interested, then read the rest of this post.  

It Naturally Makes You Happy  

For some fantastic reason, baking can release endorphins, which are also considered happy hormones. So, for example, you are tired from reading your school notes, you can take a break and treat yourself to a nice batch of cookies. Or maybe you don’t have anything to do over the weekends. Baking is a great way to kill time.   

You can also get happiness when you give your baked goods to other people. If you have time and money to spare, bake as many as you can and give these to organizations. Add sweet messages and brighten someone’s day.   

It Boosts Your Creativity  

When you bake certain pastries, you also practice your creativity. The good thing about baking out of passion is that you can bend the rules. You can go crazy with your design and create something uniquely yours. Regardless of how it looks, as long as you put your heart into it, you will always be proud.   

Expect that you will not have the best results on your first few tries. We suggest that you document these because you would be surprised how much you will improve in the coming weeks.  

It’s A Unique Form Of Meditation  

Who says that yoga and deep breathing are the only forms of meditation? Baking is a calming activity as well. These simple and repetitive activities can soothe your feelings over time. And let’s not forget the smell of freshly baked goodies. You are making everyone happy just by that.   

It Serves As A Thoughtful Gift  

Nowadays, many people are emotionally shattered because of the pandemic. Let them know that you think of them by giving personalized cookies. Believe it or not, even simple presents are now greatly appreciated. And knowing that you spent time working on your cookies and cakes will mean a lot for other people.   

You Can Start A Business  

A hobby can also turn into a fruitful business. Now, we understand that you are still in college and that your priority is to finish your degree. But that doesn’t mean you can’t earn on the side. Perhaps, look for healthy recipes. These will be a big hit as more college students want to stay healthier. Just make sure to manage your time so you can still enjoy your life as a student.   

You Learn How To Follow Precise Instructions  

They say that baking is a science because you need to follow exact instructions. Otherwise, your baked goods will not be as good.   

If you want to practice your skills of following directions, baking is an excellent activity to start with.   

It’s A Great Bonding Activity  

For those who are running out of fun activities, consider baking. Invite your classmates or university friends to do it with you. Of course, some of them might find it odd, but doing something new is always an amazing experience. You can even hold a small competition to make the activity more exciting!  

You Can Start With A Low Budget  

One of the main reasons baking has been a favorite hobby is that it’s inexpensive. Of course, this will depend on the type of tools you’d invest. But generally, if you are just starting, you can get the basic ones. Here are some of our recommendations.   

  • Handheld mixers  
  • Silicone spatulas  
  • Measuring cups and spoons  
  • Mixing bowls  
  • Pans  
  • Baking mat  
  • Whisk  

As they always say, you should never stop learning. You might think that baking is a mundane task. But if you look at it using a different perspective, you get to appreciate what it has to offer. It’s more than just having freshly baked bread and excellent pastries. You also get to feel good about yourself.   

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