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Which is Better for Meeting You Classmates, Zoom, Slack or Skype? 

If you are already having an online class, you would probably need to contact some of your classmates. It could be for a group project, or if you need to ask them about your subjects. But with all the apps and software available, which do you think is the best for college students?  

Let’s try to deep dive into this topic.  

Is Zoom Good For You?  

Zoom started in 2019 and took the world by storm. You can conduct online meetings, and you can even share your files too. Your videos are expected to be of high quality, provided that you have a strong connection. And with its amazing features, screen-sharing and interaction is a breeze.  

What we love about Zoom is that users can connect to multiple conference rooms. There is also a free plan, which makes it ideal for college students. You just need a link, and you and your classmates can start meeting online.  

The downside though is that it will require you to have a fast connection. Plus, there are security issues they need to address.  

Is Skype Still The Best One?  

Skype is probably one of the earliest players in the industry as they started in 2003. In 2011, Microsoft bought it and it’s a great tool if you wish to have one-on-one sessions or group meetings. Most businesses use it, but anyone could easily navigate through the app and web version.  

The advantage of using Skype is that you can easily find contacts, worldwide. Also, if you want to use the premium features, you do not have to spend a lot of money.  

A few points for improvement is that only 50 people can join the meeting. However, for students like you, we believe that shouldn’t be an issue. Sometimes, the video quality is not that good as well.  So that’s something you have to look into. 

Is Slack A Breakthrough App?  

Now, let’s talk about Slack. It is known as a workplace interaction tool, but we honestly believe it’s good for college students too. What we appreciate about Slack is you can easily organize your messages. Plus, you can integrate other external services as well.  

One of the selling points is their great interface. It’s professional, yet not too rigid. The not-so-good news – the video is bad!  

Which One Is The Best?  

If we are to gauge it based on what students need, we encourage using Slack. This works best especially if you need to collaborate with one another. However, for other purposes such as video meetings, Skype and Zoom could work best.  

This means, the best one will depend on your current needs. Perhaps, you can stick with two apps because using more than that can already be confusing. Plus, it will just eat up a lot of space from your phone, if you are on mobile.  

How to Collaborate With Your Classmates Online  

Since we’ve already mentioned collaboration, we find it fitting to share some tips on how you can successfully do it online.  

Reach Out First  

When you are tasked to have an online group project, do not wait for your classmates to reach out to you. Be that person. Have the initiative because the more you wait, the more time is wasted. This is also a great way to introduce yourself in the class.  

Get Their Contact Details  

It’s best if you have at least 2 ways to communicate with them. The first one could be their online account. The next could be their mobile number just in case they are offline. That way, you can call them up for urgent reasons. 

Take Advantage Of Collaborative Tools  

Years ago, people will have to send files thru email, and this could cause a lot of delays. But right now, it’s easy to edit files in real-time. Take for example cloud services like Google Drive and OneDrive. You can make a folder for your group mates and track the progress of your works.  

Submit On Time 

It is never a good thing to be a freeloader and it can be annoying. Do whatever is due to you, and make sure to submit on time. If you think you need a bit of allowance, tell your groupmates so they can adjust accordingly. In fact, they could probably offer help. Just open your lines of communication so everyone could get the best possible grade from your professor.  

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