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Which is Better? Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

Just when you thought you have surpassed the hard part of going into college by finally deciding on which university you will go into, another daunting task has been brought up and that is picking a college major. Should you take a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts? 

You might delay this, thinking that you still have enough time to think about it. After all, you just started college – time to have some fun first before getting serious, right? Wrong. 

You have to think about it as soon as you decide which college or university to go to. To help you with that decision, let us first understand what is the definition of the two and what their pros and cons are.

Bachelor Of Science

Bachelor of Science programs are courses that are centered around technical fields and have subjects that lean towards science, math, and lab courses. These degrees are usually offered in areas such as computer science, nursing, mathematics, biochemistry, and physics. 

Most of the time, the classes here are more focused on the major subjects compared to a Bachelor of Arts degree. Students taking this degree are usually those who already know what they wanted from the start. 

This degree appeals to those who have their futures already planned because they are expected to concentrate on mastering the practical and technical aspects of their field. It is often pursued by students who want to become engineers, researchers, scientists, or professionals working around computers and technology.

Bachelor Of Arts

Bachelor of Arts is a degree that focuses more on the humanities and arts. Bachelor of Arts degrees are commonly offered in fields like English, art, music, modern languages, and communication. This degree emphasizes literature, history, social science, philosophy, art, and Foreign Language studies. 

It is less specialized compared to courses under Bachelor of Science but the good thing about it is that it allows students to study a wider range of topics. This makes it a common choice for students who are not yet decided on what they really want to be, or on what career path they really want to pursue in the future. 

Since it touches a wider range of subjects, it often offers a wider range of job opportunities. A Bachelor of Arts degree can be completed in three to four years. This is ideal for students who don’t want to limit themselves to just one topic of study and would prefer to have a more well-rounded education. Some popular majors falls under a Bachelor of Arts designation include:

  • BA in Communication
  • BA in Creative Writing & English
  • BA in History
  • BA in Psychology
  • BA in Sociology

Which Degree Program Is Better?

Back in the day, the Bachelor of Arts degree was considered as the premier degree which is why there are still some institutions that still specialize in it. But over the years, things have changed. Students became more diversified and events such as the industrial revolution prompted people to take a Bachelor of Science degree. Engineers and business-related careers have become a more lucrative profession which made it an in demand choice of many students.

But in general, a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science degree are valued equally. They both offer students an opportunity to continue their education at the master’s degree level. Comparing the two is not really fair as it is not an apple to apple comparison. The degrees tend to hone different skills and strengths of students.

 A Bachelor of Arts degree sharpens a student’s writing and communication skills. On the other hand, a Bachelor of Science degree typically stimulates a student’s analytical skills and a deep understanding of a subject.

Understanding the difference between the two degrees can help students create a better judgment on which is best suited for them. Neither of the two should be viewed as superior to the other. Instead, they should be treated as two different areas that focus on different fields.

It all boils down to your passion, interest, and career path you want to pursue. If you’re passionate about theoretical and abstract topics then a Bachelor of Arts program is for you. If you prefer a more specialized approach and want to succeed in fields like data analytics, then a Bachelor of Science program would be the better choice.

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