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When To Take A Mental Health Leave

Attending class and doing your schoolwork is your priority when you go into college. But when your personal health is already at stake, then it is time to consider taking care of yourself first.

Because of the stress that most college students experience, their health tends to suffer. Three things get affected, your physical, emotional and mental health. What we will be discussing here is your mental health. How to deal with it, and when is the right time to take that mental health leave.

Mental health issues are common in college students. According to a survey, 95% of college counselling center directors said that the number of students with a psychological problem is increasing and is becoming a growing concern in their respective campuses. Based on the report, Anxiety is the top concern among college students, followed by depression then relationship problems. 

First of all, you need to understand what this leave of absence is for students. It is a condition in which a student can opt not to enroll in classes but still has the privilege to re-enroll at a later time. Universities allow these leaves depending on different circumstances such as the student’s medical condition or other personal related matter. However, they do have different policies when it comes to leaves about one’s mental health.

How Does Taking A Leave Help You?

Taking a leave often helps students with mental health issues break free from a stressful environment and focus on making their well-being better. It may be beneficial to some students, but not all get the same result. 

Some students would prefer to stay on campus as they feel that going back to their home presents a more challenging environment. Either way, different cases require different approaches. So before you make that decision, try consulting it first with your counsellor.

So when can you say that you have to take that leave?

If Your Mental Condition is Affecting Your Performance In School

It is one of the apparent reasons when you need to take a break. But, unfortunately, the mental health problem is something that no one can control and just turn on and off. Sometimes support groups and special accommodations help suppress the progression, but if it is not working, then it is time to ask for that leave.

When You Feel That College Is the Reason For Your Mental State

One way to cure mental issues is to determine the cause and try to stay clear of it. Now, if the cause of your mental stress is the pressure you are getting in college, then you might want to consider taking a break from it and sort things out first before returning.

When You Feel That Your Campus Is Not Capable Of Helping You

Yes, Universities have their counselling centers, but not everyone is fully competent to handle every condition, especially if things are getting worse for the student. If this is the case, then maybe it’s time to search for an institution that can help you with your condition and take leave with your campus until you are well enough to go back.

When You Feel That Leaving Your Class Would Help Cure Your Well Being

If you think having time off class would be beneficial for you, you can inform your campus counsellor about it. Your University also cares for your well-being, so if taking a leave is what you feel can help you, then there is no reason why the school would deny your request.

If you are suffering from a mental health issue, do not take it lightly and seek help from other people. Start with your family, your peers, or anyone you feel comfortable with. They can support you in finding the best way to solve your issue or simply be there as someone you can vent out to. 

Next, try reaching out to your University, let your professors know your condition, and seek help from your counselling centers. They would be able to provide you with the support you need to recover. Your goal is to get back to your normal health and continue your studies for you to have that advantage in the competitive world we live in.

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