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When To Spend Your Money? College Expenses That You Should Splurge On  

You would often read that you should live a¬†frugal¬†life when you study in college. That‚Äôs’¬†absolutely true. But there are certain items where¬†it‚Äôs¬†fine to¬†splurge. These things are considered investments and could help you with your studies. And at the same time, you can use it as you step out of the university to work or when you start your business.¬†¬†¬†

This post will help you decide which things you don’t have to be guilty about even if you spend more than the average.   

Required Academic Books   

We have to admit, academic books will always have an expensive price tag. However, books alone are already an investment. You can use it even after you have completed your degree. You see, there are a lot of theories and concepts that you can go back to which you can use for work.   

Now, if you are on a tight budget, there are a lot of students who sell their used books. Look for them on eBay or Craigslist. You get the same quality of learning for a fraction of the cost.   

Laptop or Tablet   

For some, you might think that it isn’t necessary to invest in good gadgets. But you also have to think about durability and even the capacity of your devices. Most likely, you need to store tons of files or even photos and videos. If you will buy substandard gadgets, it might not last for long and you will need to buy a new one year after year. If you think about it, that would cost you more.   

Fortunately, you can get gadgets and thru financing. That way, you don’t have to pay in full. There are a lot of companies offering financing plans. Take advantage of those. After all, you are going to use your gadgets for years. At least you can work or finish your report wherever you are. Plus, with your own gadgets, you can get part-time jobs such as being an online writer or a web developer. And with that, you can also get extra funds.   


We are not talking about getting the most expensive dorm or apartment in your university. However, you must consider proximity, safety, and security. Generally, when a dormitory or accommodation is nearer the campus, it tends to be more expensive. But imagine the cost you’d save from not having to commute far. Most importantly, you don’t have to worry about thieves.   

Networking Activities And Conferences   

Some networking activities are for free. But there are great conventions and conferences where you need to spend money. We say go for it. Apart from learning a lot of things about the industry, you get to meet people. And this could be the start of your good network. You might not see the return of investment in the coming months, but you will see its fruition when you need to tap into people in the coming years.   

Out-Of-Campus Classes   

Apart from the classes under your degree, it’s also a good idea to take additional classes or courses. For example, invest in personality development courses. These are essential skills that can help you as you work in a real corporate setting. Also, you can take advanced classes on programming or copywriting. Everything that you try to learn will eventually come in handy.    

Since we already talked about the things you can spend on, here are a few ones which most college students would¬†allocate¬†budget – but¬†shouldn’t. We can consider these as non-essentials. Likewise,¬†we‚Äôll¬†share with you some of the best alternatives.¬†¬†¬†

Expensive dinner with friends

Why don’t you just prepare your own meals? It’s healthier and you can save tons of money.   

Beauty products

While we always want you to look fresh, there are natural ways to improve your skin. Learn DIY tricks from now on.   

Gym and fitness membership

Your university has probably a great space where you can run and stay active. Use that to your advantage.   

Let’s make things clear. We are not saying that you shouldn’t treat yourself once in a while. In fact, we recommend such as you deserve to reward yourself. The bottom line is, learn how to balance your finances. Splurge on things that you think will help you in the long run.    

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