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When To Say No To A Party Night

College parties are fun. It is one way to meet new people from your campus and is also a great stress reliever, especially after a day full of studying and doing other college activities. 

Every once in a while, it is nice to attend these social events, but there are times when you have to say no. 

Are you the type that cannot resist any party invitation or having a tough time saying no to it? If yes, then we will give you a number of reasons when you have to decline the invites sometimes. 

When You Have An Up and Coming Deadline

Keep this in mind – you are in college to study and not just to party. If there is a school-related activity that you need to accomplish, this must always be your priority. 

When you have a deadline, and someone invites you to a party, you just have to decline. You can always make it up to your friends, but not to your professors. Failure to submit your work on time can affect not only your grades for the term but can put a dent in your overall GPA.

When You Have An Early Class The Following Day

It’s party night, and you are partying the night away. All is fun and good until you try to wake up early in the morning for your 7 am class. You come into class feeling sleepy, and all of a sudden, you hear booing from the crowd – a surprise exam. 

Partying at night when you have class the next day is a no-no. It makes you unattentive the following day, which affects your learning capabilities. So if you have class the next morning, just say no. Besides, it is hard to fully enjoy the party knowing that you have to wake up early.

When You Have An Exam

This is worse than having an early class the following day. Partying the night before an exam is never a good idea. What you need is to stay focused, study, and prepare for your exam. 

If your friends have a lot of tricks and creative ways on their sleeves to make you say yes and attend anyway, consider studying somewhere they will not find you. 

Even if you have already reviewed and studied so that you can attend this certain party, there is no guarantee that you might wake up on time for your exam the next day – or if you are feeling well enough to take it at all. 

Save your energy and just rest after studying. This would allow you to have a sound mind and body to help you answer or even ace your exam. It is also best to party when you can get drunk and wasted because you do not have anything to worry about the following day, right?

When You Have A Family Matter To Attend To

Family should always come first, no question about it. 

When you have a scheduled family gathering, you should prioritize it. Most of your time in college is spent with your peers, and it is not very often that you get the chance to spend time with your family. 

If it happens that there is a conflict in the schedule, deciding on which event to attend should not even be a question. Your peers may come and go, but your family will always be there for you.

When No One From Your Crowd Is Going

When there is a party and no one from your circle is going, sometimes it is best to just not attend as well. 

Parties are best enjoyed with your friends. Imagine yourself getting drunk in a random place without someone to be with you. You might end up in a position that might put you in jeopardy. 

That is why it is always best that you have at least one of your buddies to go along with you at night parties. If there is none, then just say no.

When You Don’t Feel The Crowd

There are times when you do not feel like socializing with a certain crowd, no matter how they make an effort to get your interest to hang with them. 

If this is the case, then just save yourself from the hassle and do not go. College parties are a time to mingle and have fun. If you do not feel like it, then why attend at all? It just defeats the purpose. 

Don’t worry. It is normal to not like certain crowds. If this is the case, remember to be straightforward and politely decline their invitation.

When You’re Not In The Mood

When you are not in the mood, even if you like the crowd, do not go. There is nothing wrong with spending some alone time or staying in your dorm. 

If you let your friends force you into going anyway, chances are you will just get a drink and sulk in one corner for the rest of the party. You might be branded as a party pooper, and we do not want that. Follow your instinct as most of the time it is right. When you do not want to go, then do not.

It is hard to resist the urge to attend college parties, not to mention the peer pressure. But you have to keep in mind that you are in college to study and get a decent GPA that can land you an equally decent job in the future. 

It is during college that they are training us for the real world, and part of that training is to learn how to say no. You have to realize that there are certain responsibilities and commitments you have to prioritize. College parties are almost never-ending and can happen almost every week, if not every day. 

Missing a party or two would not hurt you or your relationship with your friends. As an adult preparing for the future, learn how to set your priorities, and it would surely help you later in life.

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