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What’s An Associate Degree, And Should I Get It

When you take an Associate’s Degree, it will only take you two years or less to finish. Plus, it’s more affordable. It’s not surprising that a lot of people consider getting this instead of a Bachelor’s degree.  

In this post, let’s share with you what there is to know about Associate’s degrees, and if it is worth it.  

You see, when you earn this degree, you could already land a decent job and earn good amount of money.  

Simply put, if you want to enhance and hone your skills, yet you think 4 years of studying is too long, an associate degree should work best for you.  

What Are The Best Careers When You Have An Associate’s Degree  

There are many jobs available for you. And we will enumerate some below. Take note, though, that some companies might require a Bachelor’s Degree. 

  • Human Resource Managers  
  • Graphic Designers  
  • Administrative Services Managers  
  • Computer Support Specialists  
  • Accountants And Auditors  
  • Executive Secretaries  
  • Executive Administrative Assistants  

The Pros And Cons Of Getting An Associate’s Degree  

You Do Not Have A Huge Student Debt  

One of the reasons why people are interested to get such degrees is because it’s economical. Let’s face it. A full blown 4-year degree can be hard on the pocket. Apart from the tuition fees, you still need to pay for the accommodation, and the overhead cost becomes higher every year.  

These costs could be avoided if you get an Associate’s Degree 

The downside though is that the salary offered could be lower compared to those who have finished a 4-year course.  

You Can Look For A Job Right Away  

Another advantage of getting this type of degree is that you can search for a job earlier than most of the people within your age-bracket. Obviously, you would be earning way ahead of them.  

Now, the real challenge is that you may compete with people who have completed their Bachelor’s Degree. Here, you need to show your worth. And you need to give them enough reason to think that you are more than capable of handling the job role.  

Best For Those Who Are Unsure Of Their Path  

If you are not sure about the career you want to pursue in the future, we recommend that you take an Associate’s Degree. However, it is important that you ask about the transferability of your program so you can continue it and get a Bachelor’s Degree.  

It Fits Your Lifestyle  

Many people do not have the time and money to study for four years. There are many factors. Perhaps, they are already working and raising a family. In such cases, this option might work best if you still want to earn a real degree.  

How Long Will It Take To Earn Your Degree?  

Generally, you can finish an Associate’s Degree in two years. But thanks to technology, there are classes online and you can complete it in less time. In fact, there are universities offering 8-week online courses. 

Are Degrees Online Good Enough?  

Years ago, people were skeptical about online degrees. They believe that it wouldn’t be enough to shape and hone one’s skills. However, many graduates have proven them wrong. Even if you study online, you can still get educated. But of course, it takes a lot of discipline and dedication. 

When To Pursue A Bachelor’s Degree?

If in case you want to earn a bachelor’s degree, that’s possible too. You just need to transfer the credits.  Meanwhile, here are the reasons why you would want to continue your studies and get a 4-year college degree.

  • You want to have better salary  
  • You want to be more qualified for managerial and leadership roles  
  • You want to be more equipped in the competition  

Tips to Effectively Learn From Online Degrees

If you choose an Associate’s Degree online, here are a few tips that could help you.  

Learn How To Manage Your Time  

Even if online degrees give you flexibility, remember that time management is still important. You will still need to complete reports and other requirements. Without setting your priorities, you might miss your deadlines, and you might need to retake the subjects. 

Get Help  

If things are too overwhelming, do not hesitate to get help. There are many service providers where they could complete your homework on your behalf. These services are best if you are busy with other things such as your work. Also, since you have unloaded a few tasks, you now have more time to study your lessons. 


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