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What You Shouldn’t Bring In Your Dorm

What You Shouldn’t Bring In Your Dorm

Before deciding on things to bring in your dorm room, make sure that you already inspected the place and how many students are in your room. These are oftentimes neglected by students and parents that tend to overpack. 

One way to avoid the claustrophobic experience is to coordinate with your roommates before you move-in. It will be chaotic if you are four in your room, and you all brought duplicate items. That’s absurd. It’s nice to at least cooperate with your roommates and assign who will bring particular items. 

As a rule of thumb, everything must be essential. 

Meanwhile, let us give you tips on things you should not bring in your dorm and keep it a room free from a cramped feeling.


It won’t be necessary to bring a television no matter how big or how flat it is. There’s no point in bringing appliances whose primary function can be done on your mobile phone or laptop. It will just be left unused and only eating up spaces. Or, if you want to enjoy a cinematic experience in your room, why don’t you get a portable projector instead? 

Too Many Books

Why bring up too many books when you have your library on your campus? There’s a lot to read there, and you can get almost everything with just your laptop or tablet. Most books are also turned electronic that you can access online. 


It may look like a necessity in your studies, but it doesn’t mean that it is also ergonomic and practical in your dorm room. Since you live inside or near your campus, there’s a big chance that they are offering printing services. Just imagine the space that your printer will take. Not a good idea! 

Kitchen Utensils

Are you thinking of bringing your bulky coffee maker, oven toaster, or rice cooker? Some universities with on-campus housing are offering meals already. Such appliances might end up stuck in one of your cabinets. If your school is not offering meals, it is better to know prohibited items inside your dorm and ask for their services if you happen to have a midnight snack. Or choose equipment that is compact-sized. After all, we would recommend making your coffee than spending money every day on Starbucks! 

Your Entire Wardrobe

If you are collecting different pairs of shoes or different styles of bags and clothes, you might consider the limited space in your cabinet. You have to decide which pair of shoes are the most convenient to wear and which most functional bag to use. Know that your presence is much needed in your lesson and not your fashion. 

You may also think about the climate and weather. This is especially applicable for exchange students. Keeping your winter clothes inside your cabinet during summer is such a crazy decision. Your summer clothes will end up cluttering your room since your cabinet is already jam-packed. 

Excessive Room Decor

Forget about looking for decorations from Pinterest to apply in your dorm room for an Instagrammable post. Why? Because most campuses don’t allow sticking decorations in their walls that may tear down dorm paints. 

Don’t also bother to bring your newly purchased string lights for a magical look at night in your room. These items are mostly prohibited since it may compromise the safety of the whole school dorm.

An Ironing Board

It’s funny to bring a conventional ironing board in your dorm if you are worried about wearing wrinkled clothes. There are usually ironing services in your campus dorm, and if you are not comfortable to avail, there is already portable steam iron that is handy and space saver. Others may prefer to wear clothes that don’t require ironing and would be most convenient to avoid consuming your time. 

Bulky Luggage

It is understandable that you are bringing bulky luggage to transport all your things from home to your dorm room, but there are also alternatives. Since college students usually go home during school breaks, you may use luggage that can be folded when not in use, like duffel bags or suitcases. You can save up tons of space in that way. 

Sometimes, not planning ahead of time may result in a misconception of what are the essential things to bring. Other college students prefer to at least bring their necessities for a week and figure out after what are the absolute essentials to retain. If you feel like that what you’ve packed is too much, then go to the nearest courier and send it back home.

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