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What You Should Never Do To Your Professors 

Creating a good impression of your professor is a good way to ensure that you will pass their class. It is very hard to be on their naughty list as they could make your college life a hell to live in. So if you want a stress-free college life experience, then you can start by being on the good side of your professors. Here are some of the things you should never do to your professors.

Asking If You Need Books To Pass

If you ask your professor if you will need books to pass, you are sending the wrong signal that you are not willing to do the work but just want to get it over with. This is not a good way to introduce yourself to them. Of course, you need books to learn the subject.  A better approach than this is asking if there is any other alternative reading material you could use for their subject. It would show them that you are keen on learning, which would be a plus for you.

Do Not Expect Your Professors To Remind You Of Your Deadlines

College life is a lot different compared to high school. The latter is a bit more spoon-feeding as you get to be reminded daily by your teachers about your upcoming deadlines. On the other hand, professors expect you to be mature enough to know this on your own. Your professors won’t babysit you in college as they prepare you for the real world, where your success depends on your actions.

Do Not Miss Submitting Your Work

When your professor gives you homework and asks you to submit the following meeting, make sure that you do and no excuses. It is your responsibility to do all of those things as that is why you are studying in college. 

Unless your reason is a matter of life and death, make it a point that you are not missing any assignments. If your professor gives you a chance to revise your work, be thankful and waste it. It means they care for you and they want you to pass the course. You might not have a second chance after that.

Follow Your Professor House Rules

Different professors have different house rules, so it is best to follow them. It does not mean that you are scared of them, but more of a sign of respect. Your professors exert all their efforts to teach you, so it is not too much to ask if you follow their rules. The most common house rule is keeping your phones away or silent. This house rule is for your good and phones are a distraction, and you might end up not understanding the topic for that day.

Do Not Talk To Them As If You Are Roommates

Although some professors don’t mind rubbing shoulders with their students, as a general rule, treat your professors with respect, especially when you are in class. 

Properly speak to them and avoid calling them on a first-name basis unless they implied such. It is also not a good idea to question their teaching ability. The university hires them for a reason. 

Their teaching method may be something that you aren’t used to, but it does not mean that they are incapable of teaching. Finally, if you are friends with your professors, separate your relationship in and out of the classroom.

Do Not Embarrass Your Professor In Front Of Class

Professors are humans, too and just like everyone, and they are not perfect. There are times that they commit mistakes, but it does not mean that you can call them out in front of everyone. 

Yes, maybe your intention is good, but there is a way to address it properly. You can do it politely wherein you can ask them if they can double-check as they might have missed something out, or you can just approach them after class or during office hours and tell them where you think they got it wrong. 

Professors would accept their mistakes, and they would appreciate it if you tell them as it shows you are paying attention; just don’t do it to shame them.

It is always nice to have a good relationship with your college professors. Some even build a relationship even after being done with their class and have moved on to pursue their careers. Keep in mind that your professors deserve your respect, so just give it to them, and all will be well.

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