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What Will You Do If Your Dormitory Is On Fire, College Guide 

If you must know, 70% of campus fires occur in dormitories and off-campus housing. This is why you have to be more cautious when living in a shared space. Of course, there are instances where you cannot control the environment. However, there are a few things that can help you minimize the risks. 

In this post, we’ll share survival tips when you are trapped inside a building. Likewise, we’ll provide specific actions so you can protect your dormitory from fire.¬†

What To Do If  You Are Trapped Inside A Burning Building

Being trapped in a burning building is scary and it might even seem like a hopeless case. But it isn’t.¬†

If you know the tips below, you will increase the chance of surviving a fire even if you are trapped inside. Remember these and don’t forget to share. You could be saving lives.¬†

Alert Everyone

As much as you can, alert everyone that there is a fire. Shout at the top of your lungs. It’s important to get everyone out before the fire gets worse. Do not investigate and don’t delay the escape plan by going back to your valuables.¬†

Crawl On The Floor 

Remember that the air nearer the floor is cleaner so make sure that your nose is as low as possible. Smoke is poisonous and could kill you. 

Never Open A Closed Door Without Testing 

Your first instinct would probably find a door to get out of your room. But before you do that, feel it first. You can do so by using the back of your hand so you do not have to burn your palm. 

If the doorknob is hot, look for a different exit. If there is only one way out, just try to seal the cracks around your doors and vents with anything that is available. For example, you can use masking tape. 

Bring Your Phone At All Times 

Look for your mobile phone right away and make sure you have it always. This will allow you to call the fire department and provide your exact location within the building. This alone can save your life. 

Do Not Break The Glass If You Are On The Upper Floors 

When you are on the upper floor and you cannot open the window, don’t break it. If you do so, the glass might be raining down on rescuers and other people trying to exit the building.¬†

Wave Or Look For Ways To Grab Attention

If you do not have your phone with you, go near your window and wave as high as you can. If you can wave something visible, then do so. 

Do Not Panic 

We know that this is hard to follow, especially when you are in that situation already. But panicking can make things worse. Instead, try to calm yourself so you can think straight. And when you do, you will be able to formulate an escape plan even under so much pressure. 

Keep Your Dormitory Safe 

Here are the ways how you can keep your dormitories safe from fire. 

Check If The Sprinklers Are Fully Operational 

As a college student, you must ask if your sprinklers are working properly. If possible, see if the storage tank is full just in case there will be a fire. In some buildings, they also conduct a flow test every quarter. You can do this by opening the flow-test valve and allowing the water to run. This will trigger your fire alarm. 

Coordinate with the right people if you plan to conduct some tests. 

Look For Smoke Alarms 

For dormitories, smoke alarms must be present in all rooms on every floor. You can call your building maintenance to check if all alarms are in mint condition. Never remove the batteries nor disconnect the smoke alarms. 

Understand The Evacuation Plan 

You would always want to be prepared. Most of the time, there is already an evacuation plan in place. This often includes the best way to make it outside if you are inside the dormitory when the fire breaks out. 

Dormitories also hold fire drills. And while you may have a lot of things to finish, you must participate in these drills. 

Be proactive as well in reviewing your evacuation plan. Perhaps, you can present a better solution and revise it with your resident assistants.

Never Use Candles 

As much as possible, do not use candles during a power outage. It’s dangerous and you can spread the fire in just seconds. Better invest in a quality flashlight or similar gadgets instead.

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