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What We Learned From Being A College Student

There’s so much to learn when you’re a college student. And no, we’re not referring to the concepts and theories from the classroom. You see, the bulk of the learnings can be found outdoors. And this is what we’re going to talk about in this post. ¬†

Today, we want to enlighten you on the things we’ve learned about being a college student.  

Project Management Is A Must Skill  

When you are studying in college, you need to have excellent project management skills.  This also involves how to prioritize things and time management.

If you must know, you will be bombarded with several projects, reports, and requirements. Without the right knowledge, it’s possible that you will miss your deadlines. And as we all know, that can tremendously affect your grades.  

Networking Should Be Practiced  

Your network can help you in a lot of ways. You can tap them for your personal needs. And you can reach out to them whenever you need professional help.  

Now, you also need to remember that forming a network is a mutual relationship. You should never be a parasite and be a total no-show if they need you. As much as you can, extend help as well. And before you know it, the cycle will never end.  

You Must Have A Growth Mindset  

When we were younger, we always want everything to be perfect. At times, we do not embrace challenges. But when studying in college, expect that there will be tons of challenges and criticisms coming your way. It will make you resilient and it will forge you to become a better person.  

This is only possible if you have a growth mindset. Below you will find the characteristics of a person with such kind of perspective in life.  

  • You get inspired by others and you are not threatened¬†¬†
  • You love hearing¬†feedback¬†and you don‚Äôt take it personally¬†¬†
  • You are fond of exerting effort and you always want to see improvement ¬†
  • You want to challenge yourself even more when you experience¬†setbacks¬†¬†

Work / Life Balance  

We understand that you have your priorities. For some, they want to graduate with high honors. Thus, they focus on studying most of the time. But you have to step back and see if you are creating a good balance in your college life.  

Do you spend hours studying and you leave no room for meeting new people?  

On the other hand, are you always meeting your friends that you do not have the time to study?  

It’s always good to find the middle ground. That way, you can enjoy the best of both worlds.  

Listening Is As Important As Speaking  

Most of the time, we train ourselves to be good at speaking. We try to articulate ourselves and we master how to become assertive.  

But have you ever asked yourself, do you know how to listen?  

You see, listening is an important part of the communication process. And unfortunately, not everyone is aware of this. Many of us want to be heard, but only a few are willing to listen.  

However, how can you respond accordingly if you don’t open your ears? So, if you think you need a bit of improvement on this, then you better practice active listening as early as possible.  

Being A Team Player  

If you are used to making your projects on your own, that’s good. At least you know that you are responsible enough.  

But you have to know that being a team player is a critical skill, most especially if you are already working. You need to create a good relationship with your colleagues so that you will be able to finish tasks on time. This is not just about being good with your job in terms of technical skills. But rather, you must improve your interpersonal skills as well.  

Be Resourceful And Creative  

As you leave the university, it is imperative that you know how to be resourceful. The reality is, not everything will be at your fingertips. Sometimes, you just need to maximize what you have. This skill is important when you are already working, and your company couldn’t fund everything you need. What are you going to do?  

Aside from refining your proposal, you might need to find ways to make your project a reality without going overboard your budget. If you are not resourceful enough, this could be problematic.   

There are still many things you can learn as a college student. And you can only learn these if you expose yourself out there.  

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