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What To Know About Mental Fatigue, College Guide  

As a college student, you may sometimes experience mental fatigue. If you must know, it could hinder you from performing well in school – or in other areas of your life. There was even a study in 2009 that proves how mental fatigue could affect your physical performance. 

And since we understand that there are a lot of requirements that you have to fulfill, we have here a post just for you. It will help you learn the techniques on how to combat mental fatigue.  

If you won’t do anything about it, it could lead to serious health conditions. 

Hopefully, you can share this with your friends so that all of you will be able to perform the best possible way.  

What Causes Mental Fatigue? 

There are many things that could cause mental exhaustion. And since studying in college entails a lot of responsibilities, it’s important that you know these things.  

  • Studying too for long hours  
  • Problems with finances  
  • Not happy with your course or program
  • Loss of a loved one  
  • Lack of good social support  

What Are The Symptoms?  

Let’s talk about the signs that you are having mental fatigue. Knowing the red flags is crucial so you can already take the best course of action right away. 

You see, the manifestations could be emotional and physical.  

Emotional Signs  

  • Depression 
  • Anger  
  • Apathy  
  • ‘Anxiety  
  • Lack of motivation  
  • Pessimism  

Physical Signs  

  • Upset stomach  
  • Drastic weight changes  
  • Chronic fatigue  
  • Headaches 

Apart from these, you might see behavioral changes as well.  

Is It The Same With Stress?  

In most cases, people think that they are experiencing mental fatigue. However, it could be stress. Let’s clarify it once and for all.  

Stress is what most of us experience and a body’s natural response to different situations whether positive or negative. On the other hand, mental fatigue is brought by long-term stress wherein your cortisol levels remain high. If this happens, it’s when you will notice that you can no longer function well.  

How To Manage Mental Fatigue  

Again, you cannot let mental fatigue win you over. There are ways that could improve your condition. If you don’t have an idea of what these are, then the list below can help you.  

Get Help  

Just in case you feel that there is so much on your plate, it’s never bad to ask for help. For example, if you have many coursework, you can ask some of your classmates to assist you if you can’t understand what to do.  

Or for your reports and essays, seek professional assistance so that you would know the best approach.  

Never Underestimate The Power Of Break  

If you need to study for a challenging exam, don’t overdo it. Instead, plot in your schedule that you need to rest too. Maybe you can take short walks around your campus. Or probably, you can do a quick yoga session. These things, even if done in a short span of time, can help you recover.  

Improve Your Sleeping Habits  

What you can also do is assess your sleeping patterns. Are you getting enough sleep? Or are you always staying up late?  

If you are having a hard time sleeping, we recommend that you avoid working out hours before your bedtime. Likewise, don’t use your phones too. Just try to relax and clear up your mind. Other people are using special lamps to improve the quality of sleep. You can consider that too and see if it will help your condition.  

Write On Your Journal  

You might think that this idea is absurd, but you can also keep a journal where you write all your thoughts and the things you are thankful for. Trying to be positive can go a long way. And if you think everything in your college life is not turning the way you planned, just go back to your gratitude journal and your mind will be cleared again.  

For most people, they call it burnout. It’s as if you don’t want to do anything because your brain seems not to function well. Listen to your body. Take a rest, step back, do what is necessary, and when you are ready, go ahead and work on your projects for the university.  Trust us, you will thank yourself for pausing a while.  

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