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What To Include In A Thanksgiving Care Package For College Students

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, preparing a nice gift would be ideal, especially during these trying times. A care package would be a thoughtful and charming gift to consider, just in time for the upcoming holidays.

With the current Covid-19 situation in the United States and plenty of college students gearing to return home for the holidays, a Thanksgiving care package would seem to be a fit homecoming gift for these young adults. Here are some cool ideas that you might want to include in your Thanksgiving care package for returning college students.

A Welcome Home Card

Most students that will be coming home for the holidays will be required to practice self-quarantine in their homes as a precaution. They will be at home, but will be isolated from their loved ones for a few days. To lessen the anxiety of being near yet still far from their loved ones, a welcome home card would be a nice inclusion in their care package kit. It will remind them of the family’s excitement to welcome them back home especially for Thanksgiving.

Anti Covid-19 Care Pack

Covid-19 is still a very real threat to most American households nowadays. To help prevent the spread of the disease and to keep everyone healthy and safe from the virus, anti Covid-19 kits are essential for any package care or gift in mind. Among the top items to include in your anti Covid-19 care packs are the following:

  • Alcohol
  • Wipes
  • Soap
  • Face Masks
  • Tissues
  • Vitamins C
  • Fruits 

Most college students may have experienced the lack of these necessities especially during the start of the Covid-19 outbreak. The sanitary package is something they can also keep when they return to school after the holidays.

Copies Of  Their Favorite Movies

While in-home quarantine, it would be a fun treat to give your loved ones a form of entertainment they can enjoy while isolated from the whole family. Their favorite movies, or a movie they like but haven’t watched would be a nice entertainment package to keep them company when they get back home. It will keep them feeling upbeat even with the slight stress and depression caused by being isolated.

Potato Chips and Packed Snacks

A good movie needs a set of good snacks to enjoy. Your Student Thanksgiving Care Package should at least include their favorite snacks for them to munch on while watching their favorite movies. You can also include dried fruits, hot cocoa packets, cookies and other treats that will keep them delighted as they take their time alone at home.

Scented Candles

To help your dear students relax after a tiring semester from school, fill their rooms with their favorite scented candles or room deodorizing spray. 

Art Materials

Staying in isolation can be quite boring so it does help to have something creative to do. Prepare art supplies together with your Thanksgiving care package to keep your students entertained while in quarantine. Your art material kit should fit the personality of your loved one. Better yet, you can introduce them to a new crafting idea that they may like as they spend a few days isolated from the rest of the family.

Super Soft Socks and a Blanket

Chances are, it can be quite cold by the time Thanksgiving comes around. Include several pairs of warm and comfortable socks for your students. They can even bring them back to school after the holidays. It’s like a little piece of home they can bring to anywhere they go. The blanket will keep them company while locked away from the rest of the family.

Stuffed Toy

It can get lonely in isolation so you might as well give your students a stuffed and cuddly companion as they wait out for their quarantine to end. The gift is something they can also bring along back to school as a reminder of home.

A Last Day Quarantine Party

Although not part of the Thanksgiving care package, a last day quarantine party would be a nice occasion to host to officially welcome your student back home. It’s the perfect time to enjoy hugs and being physically connected with the rest of the family. A small family dinner, with music and entertainment, together with the rest of the family will definitely be a blast for any student coming home for the holidays.

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