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What To Do With Old And Outdated Books

You’ve noticed that your old books are piling up and it seems that it is eating a lot of space in your home or dormitory. Instead of letting it sit there for nothing, here are a few ideas that could help you. We will give you some tips on what you can do with your old books.  

You Can Donate Them To Your Local Library  

When you have a lot of books, mostly the educational ones, you can always bring them to the local library. They always welcome reading materials where people could get more knowledge. Just imagine the number of folks that would be learning from it. 

You see, even if Google has the most answers, it’s always fulfilling to find things as you flip real pages.  

Look For Charities  

If you believe your local library has a lot already, you can always bring your old books to charities. Many people are still not able to have access to the internet. And with the books, they can still refine their knowledge. 

Use It As An Envelope  

Instead of using a traditional envelope, why don’t you make some with your books? You can choose the ones with bad pages or torn pages. Usually, these books cannot be sold or donated.  

If you wish to send some letters or postcards to your families and friends, then having a handmade envelope using your old books is a cool idea.  

Make Gift Tags  

Just in case you are about to give someone a gift, you can skip buying a gift tag and use your old books as a good alternative. Just write your message, punch a hole, place it on your gift, and that’s it!  

Use It To Decorate Your Room  

You can do so much with your old books. You can create wall arts, or even add it to your headboard. For those who love DIY projects, you can even make a nice coffee table with your sturdy old books. You just need to squeeze your creative juices and you are all good.  

Sell It Online And Make Money  

If your books are still in mint condition, you can easily sell them online. You would be surprised how many people would go crazy to buy used books. This is especially true for college textbooks. Perhaps you already know how expensive these are. And so, for college students who would like to stretch their budget, getting used ones is a must.  

Create A Knife Block  

Yes! This is a cool idea and perfect for those who would like to have something unique in their kitchen. You can get some of your hardbound and thick books, attach them to one another, and place your sharp knives in between. It’s an interesting piece you can add to your kitchen counter, and people would be amazed.  


Wouldn’t it be cool to have bookmarks made out of old books? And the best part is that you can also create more and give it to your friends. You can even write quotes and personalize them a bit. At least you do not have to shell a lot of money for their presents.  

Hidden Storage  

This is a project that you can do easily. Just get a box, cut your books, and glue it on. People will think that what they are seeing is just ordinary books. But little did they know that you have your valuables stored in these. Fantastic, right?  

Cool Planters  

If you are someone who loves to have indoor plants, we encourage you to create some of the coolest planters. Get your thick old book, create a hole as big as your pot, and place your pot in it. That’s it! You can just put your plants and have that instant pot that no one else has.  

You can do the same technique if you wish to create a nice pencil holder. We bet you would be pumped up to study using your new school supplies.  

Party Banner  

Instead of buying new banners for your party, why don’t you use old books for this? All you have to do is to write the letters on the pages and place them on the wall. It’s economical and it gives that instant rustic appeal.  

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