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What To Do When Your Partner Asks For Space, College Guide

If your partner says they want space, you can give it to them without risking your entire relationship. But how can you do that? Here are a few tips that could work.  Yes, we totally understand that it could be nerve-racking. But you see, having space in a relationship can be a good thing. So, before you get all crazy, you might want to follow the steps below.  

Of course, we are aware that some people who ask for space would want to have a way out. But in a mature relationship, asking for space can be a good sign. If you must know, relationships do not need to be highly dependent on the presence of one another. It is ideal that you are already complete on your own.  

Stop Thinking That You Did Something Wrong  

First, you have to stop blaming yourself, and to think if you have done something wrong. Remember, we have different personalities. For example, if your partner is an introvert, they might need their alone time to recharge. It doesn’t mean that you did something bad along the way. Do not take it personally and just give that space to them.  

Appreciate That They Are Honest  

Trust and honesty are two of the best foundations you can have in a relationship. If your partner is not being honest about what they feel, that could also cause a dent on your relationship in the long run. So instead of asking a lot of questions, appreciate and thank them for being honest.  

Let Them Define What Space They Exactly Need  

Here’s the thing. When we say space, it doesn’t mean that you will not talk to your partner for days or weeks. If that’s the case, then that’s a clear sign that they want out of the relationship. Give yourself some respect.  

A space should be something specific. For example, they want to be with their friends over the weekends. Or, they would want you to limit your chats and calls every day. This doesn’t mean that you will cut your communications lines with them. Again, if that’s the case, then you may have to say goodbye – for good.  

Do Not Send Them Texts All Day Long  

During the first months of your relationship, perhaps you are used to sending a lot of messages to your partner. But as you go along, this shouldn’t be the case.  

You see, if you keep on sending them messages, it could also interrupt their personal time. They may not be able to focus on the things they need to do. In this case, you might disrupting them from studying well. 

But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t text them all day. A simple good morning or a reminder that you care should do you good.  

Use The Time To Reconnect With Your Families And Friends  

A lot of people are guilty of spending more time with their partners instead of their families and friends at the onset. Now, if your partner is asking for a space, that’s also an opportunity for you to spend time and reconnect with your loved ones. Maybe, you can visit your friends and update them about your life.

Trust us, there a lot of things you can talk about and you will realize that your world is not limited to your partner. 

Time For Self-Improvement  

Since you probably have more time on your hands, this is another opportunity for improving yourself. Maybe you cannot attend an art class because you want to spend more time with your partner. This is the sign! 

It’s always good to think about self-improvement. Remember that you need to grow as an individual.  

Do Not Fear Of Being On Your Own  

Perhaps, you are too attached with your partner and that is why you are scared if the space is already the start of breaking up. If that happens, you shouldn’t worry that much. What’s the worst that could happen, right?  

Being alone doesn’t mean you need to be lonely. Again, many people love you. And, bear in mind that you can do things by yourself. Build up a lot of confidence, and soon enough you can face the world even with the thought of losing your partner.  

Talk To Your Partner  

Now, if you see that this space is taking a toll on your relationship, it is OK to confront your partner. Ask where they think this is going so you can manage your expectations.  From there, you can either start spending more time with each other, or you can move on – just in case they want to part ways.  

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