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What To Do When You Got Broke, College Guide 

Apart from the mental and emotional challenges in college, you might also experience financial challenges. Truth be told, studying at the university can be pretty expensive. Even if you have a scholarship, you still need to pay for a lot of things. Think about your accommodation, books, food, and even little luxuries in life. Having said that, what are the things you can do when are broke in college?  

We’ve gathered a few ideas that could possibly help you.  

Get A Remote Job  

What’s good about our technology is that it allows most of us to work even in our dormitories. There are many job opportunities right now that can be done practically anywhere. For example, you can be a copywriter. Or if you have a talent in graphic design, you can offer the services too. If you think you can handle administrative tasks, then being a virtual assistant could sit well with you. Good with numbers? How about bookkeeping services? Or if you think you can handle customer support, then why not try it?  

We recommend that you look for part-time opportunities so that you can still focus on your studies. Likewise, ask if you can get flexible time.  

But if you are to take a job, make sure that will still have balance. Have a spare time for working out or your social life. That way, you won’t get burnt out.  

Sell Your Old Items  

Perhaps, what you can do is to declutter and see which items you are not using already. Sell these online or to other college students.  

Do you have old books? We’re pretty sure other university students would love to buy that. Even your sweater or old jeans are worth something.  

Evaluate Your Expenses  

If you always run out of cash every single month, then it’s time to sit down and truthfully assess your finances. Maybe you are overspending. List down everything and see which items you can eliminate from your monthly budget.  

For example, are you always paying for your Netflix subscription? Why don’t you ask your friends to share an account? Or perhaps, you have a hefty gym membership. Then you can always cut it and use outdoors to exercise.  

Simply put, change your lifestyle and choose more practical solutions.  

Start A Small Business  

It isn’t enough that you cut down your expenses. What’s more ideal is to look for a source of income. Even if you are still in college, you can start your own small business. How about preparing meals for other students? Go for healthier options because most of the time, these students buy junk food or fast food. But if you offer healthy packaged meals, then that could be a big hit.  

Speaking of meals, always prepare your own instead of buying from restaurants. You would realize how much you can save if you whip up your own meals.  

Another business idea which will not cost you a lot is a delivery service. This will work best if you have a bicycle or a car. If your friends are looking for someone to do their grocery shopping, then you can do so for a fee.  

Stop Using Your Credit Card  

If you have a credit card, we suggest that you forget about It! We know several people who drowned in debt because of their credit cards. You see, it’s tempting to use it whenever you go shopping. Always remember, if you can’t pay it in cash – then don’t buy it.  

Find Someone Who Can Help You Invest  

No one is ever too young to invest. And as a college student, you must learn even the basics of investing. Luckily, you can find a lot of mentors nowadays. Eventually, this could be your source of passive income and you won’t realize that you have a lot of money at hand.  

Stop Partying  

Did you know that weekly parties can put a dent in your budget? In that case, you have to learn how to say NO. Or be creative on what activities you can do over the weekend. How about a game night? Or just chill and have a Netflix marathon. At least you still have a social life, but you are not spending too much.  

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