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What To Do When You Are Waitlisted

You are on your way to your first step of becoming independent and one step closer to getting into your dream university. You have sent all the applications and have taken all the exams and are just waiting for the result. The big question mark is, are you in or out? And then it arrived, the then question mark becomes bigger as you are being put on the waiting list.

What Is Waitlisted?

First, you need to understand what and why you are waitlisted. Being on the waitlist means that you have met all the university’s admission requirements, but they have already accepted students to fill in the slots. 

Now, if a spot becomes available, then you may be offered the place. Usually, this happens after the decision deadline has passed. The university won’t inform you, so it is tricky to know if you get accepted or not.  So what to do when you are waitlisted?

Do Your Due Diligence

Before you decide whether or not you want to stay on the waitlist, you need to do your research. Are there any conditions attached to being waitlisted, like having fewer housing options and the ability to obtain financial aid? If you agree to it, let the college know to keep the spot for you.

Have A Back-Up Plan

Even though you are on the waitlist, it is not a guarantee that you will get in for the first semester. So the best thing to do is prepare to attend another college just in case you don’t get in. That is why it is important to have multiple options when it comes to choosing a university.

Be Proactive

Remember, there are students on the waitlist, and maybe some are as eager as you to get into your college of choice. That is why you must take action and extra measures to ensure that you can boost your chance of being accepted. 

Try and contact the admission office to know whether they have a priority list and know your status. If you see that you are in the higher ranks, then you have a better chance.

Write A Letter

Since you already have the credentials to be admitted, it would help if you write the university a letter on why they should accept you in their college. Indicate in the letter your strong desire to go there and why you choose their campus. 

You can include your non-academic achievements, such as your involvement in your school’s sports team, club, and other school activities.

Know The Right People To Contact

You may be able to create the best letter telling why they should accept you, but if you don’t know the right person to send it to then, all your effort might just go to waste. 

That is why it is important to research who you should address in your letter. Usually, the Director of Admission or the Dean is the right person to approach. 

Their details are usually available on the university website, or if not, you can always contact the school and ask from there.

Do Not Forget To Study

You only have one shot at this, so make sure that you are well prepared for anything that the university might give. Ensure that you perform during the last quarter of your high school, as some universities use these to re-evaluate their waitlist candidates.

Use Your Connections

It is not like asking some official to vouch for you so that you can get accepted. However, you can ask for help from your school counselor or someone who graduated from that college to assist you. They could assist you on what to do to get a higher chance of getting in. They may know someone who knows people from the admission office and can give priority to your status.

Getting into your dream university might be something that you have been waiting for years. But sometimes, you also have to be realistic that there are things that are out of your control in life. Your mind might just be clouded by your utmost desire to go to that certain university without realizing that there are other campuses out there that are more suited for you.

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