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What The Pandemic Has Taught College Students 

It’s been over a year now since the virus hit us. It has affected lives, including many college students. Naturally, some are already looking forward to becoming independent and are excited to meet new people. However, just as they are about to experience these things, all of a sudden, everything is put on hold. 

If there is something positive that we could get from this situation, it is how it made people realize how important simple things are. Unfortunately, things neglected before the pandemic are now the same things that we are missing the most. 

Here are the things that the pandemic has taught college students.

College Life Is Not Just About Academics

There is more to college life than books and classrooms. Because of the pandemic, people realize that running to catch your class, locking yourself out of your dorm room, and all the things happening around campus, these are the reason why college life is fun and exciting. 

What college students are missing now is the social interaction they experience in a university that you can’t replicate even if you see your classmates online.

There Is No Substitute For Face-to-Face Interaction

With the introduction of various video calling apps, it is easy to think that it can replace the way people interact. But the truth is, it is still a different feeling when you can physically see the person you are talking to rather than see them on a screen. 

In addition, there is a sense of connection when you talk to them face-to-face compared to when you communicate electronically.

It Is Harder To Build Lifelong Relationships

Remember the times wherein you spend memorable moments with your friends that you remained close to each other even after graduating. 

Unfortunately, when the pandemic hit, students lost the chance to create wonderful memories with their friends as everyone is confined back in their home. As a result, it is harder to build a solid relationship with one another, especially when you are miles apart.

The Stories Make College Life More Exciting

Some of you may have heard stories from your parents about what they did back in college. These are the stories about how they witnessed their university team win a championship by one point or how they were able to meet your mom at a college party. Admit it or not, but these stories made you more excited about going into college.  

Now the story you can tell to your kids is how the pandemic made you graduate through a computer. 

A Better Appreciation To Your Professors

Most classes today are done online through distance learning. Some think it is effective, but most students feel that having a face-to-face class is better. 

Before the pandemic, some college students wished that the professor won’t come into class, but now they realize how important professors are in helping them understand their course. That relationship between professor and student is what is lacking in today’s online class sessions.

Freedom Is Something You Should Be Thankful

Back in the day, people neglect freedom since it is something that everyone has. You can freely go out and go anywhere you want to with no restriction. 

But after the pandemic, everyone realizes that it is not just something that we celebrate every independence day. It is hard to just stay at home and do the same things over and over again. 

It is challenging for college students as most of them have already felt how to be independent, and then all of a sudden, they are back to their childhood room feeling restrained.

We still do not know when this pandemic would end and how life would be like in the future. Some say that this is the new normal, and everyone should adapt to the paradigm shift around us. Yes, the old normal may be more fun, but this does not mean that we should not look forward to our future.

Multiple challenges have hit humanity through the past, the plague, the wars, but every time it happens, people stand back up. This pandemic is no different. You might not have a college story to tell your kids, but what you can tell is a story of how humanity was able to bounce back from this.

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