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What Is Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta, How Can It Help College Students?

What Is Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta, How Can It Help College Students?

Facebook is ever-changing. Originally created as a social network that connects college students with one another, it has grown into a new world of its own. Today, Facebook is facing another huge big leap in changing and improving its image and services as it begins to take a step into the Metaverse.

End of October 2021, Facebook changed its corporate name to Meta, the introductory part of a series of changes CEO Mark Zuckerberg is propelling to create his next-generation internet realm inspired by science fiction. As he creates a new vision for his brain child, he is now targeting education as a key part of the metamorphosis.

What is the Metaverse?

The transition from Facebook to Meta, together with the changes are still a bit vague. Yet again, the company has already provided several hints on the upcoming changes in the platform. The brand is committing a huge amount of money, $150 million to be exact from Facebook Reality Labs into an education program that aims to assist tech development and in training people on using augmented and VR tools.

The version of the Metaverse featured in the hour-long video released by the brand last October features a mix of technology and holograms. Included in the video is a student getting help on her homework by simply swiping her hands to manipulate the image of the solar system, zooming in areas to get a more detailed look of the giant picture. However, high-end VR tools and headsets will definitely be a part of the Metaverse to support such ambitious features.

With education as one of the driving forces that motivates this change, what is in it for college students?

How Can Meta Accelerate Learning for College Students?

Let’s get excited with Meta.

Immersed Learning

As we all transitioned working and studying at home, it is indeed a coincidence that Facebook is exploring the idea of providing immersed educational experiences through its platform, Facebook. Augmented and virtual reality offer a very immersive nature when it comes to sharing and acquiring information, in a more engaging way. The potential of virtual experiences can also save costs and distance.

Imagine having to practice on-hand medical procedures virtually, without the need of leaving your home or even a real body. Imagine being able to zoom in and out while doing the procedure. It would be a one of a kind experience for most learners. It would also help professionals practice on more complicated procedures. The probabilities and possibilities are truly exciting.

Teacher Trainings

Augmented and virtual reality is beneficial for educators too. They can learn new techniques and technologies in K-12, higher education and teacher training. As our educators hone and improve their craft, the more effective they will be in providing training and education to their students.

Interactive Tools for Learning

Meta can also be a source of tools and activities essential for classroom learning. These may include libraries with immersive content, just like the sample solar system picture featured on Meta’s introductory video. These tools will definitely enhance STEM courses, arts and humanities materials, technical education, medical simulations and robotics.

Better Grasp on Abstract Concepts

In higher education, virtual and augmented reality can be helpful for learners in gaining hands- on experience in areas in technical education as well as medical simulations. It creates a low-risk virtual setting which is more convenient and affordable in the long run.

Better Quality in Learning and Education

Meta aims to accelerate the development of quality, relevant and age-appropriate learning for all ages. It is safe to assume that Meta is about to invest in government educational content to be able to expand AR/VR innovations and processes for better learning experiences for colleges and universities. The ability to share information in new and engaging ways expands educational opportunities that are usually limited by distance, cost and accessibility.

Education has indeed been very rich in terms of traditional practices inside the four corners of the classroom. However, translating it into virtual spaces does not go as far as what the Metaverse is aiming for.

It is quite exciting to see the advanced technology learning opportunities that we will achieve through the simulated activities we are about to experience in learning. With most of this generation inclined into using technology and online gaming, it is safe to say that it would be a seamless move from traditional learning to virtual spaces for education, through Facebook’s Meta.

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