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What If Your Classmates Hate You?

For some reason, you have that strong feeling that most, if not all of your classmates hate you. We understand that it could be hard to go to your class every now and then. So, what are you going to do? How are you going to deal with it?  

Fortunately, you have found this post, and we will make your life bearable with our tips.  

Evaluate How You Interact With Them  

First of all, you have to understand your interaction with your classmates. Have you ever offended anyone? Or do you seem to be overly quiet – to the point of being misunderstood? These are the things you have to evaluate so that you will know where to begin. And from there, you can adjust your behavior properly. 

Talk More To Your Classmates  

Some of us are not too comfortable starting a conversation. But that skill can be used whenever you are about to work in the real corporate setting. So as early as now, you have to practice it.  

Even if it’s quite uncomfortable, try to reach out to your classmates and ask about the lectures. Or maybe, ask them about their organizations and clubs in the university. Smalltalk could really help and it’s about time that you use it to your advantage.  

Be More Participative In Class  

It would also help if you become more active in class. This doesn’t mean that you have to steal the spotlight. But rather, if someone is being asked to take on a project, you can volunteer. That’s also one of the ways you can touch base with your classmates. And from there, you can already forge a good relationship.  

Think If You Want To Spend Time With Them Outside Of The Class  

It’s also important to consider if you want to build a deeper relationship with your classmates. Think about the scenarios outside the school. Would you really want to be with them? If not, then there’s no point of exerting too much effort. After all, forcing relationships is never good.  

However,  you have to be civil and don’t show them that you are a mean person. You see, you might still need to do group projects. Having that kind of wall between you and your classmates could hinder you from getting a good output.  

Protect Yourself  

Hopefully, there are no more bullies in college. Quite frankly, that’s quite childish. But just in case you feel that the class is bullying you, you must protect yourself.  

If there is a need for you to report the actions against you, then so be it. Such things should not be tolerated.  

Don’t Let It Break Your Self-Confidence  

To be honest, such scenarios could be a reason for you to feel bad about yourself. It could affect your self-confidence as well. But you have to remember that their bullying or actions towards you are not a reflection of yourself. It will all bounce back to what type of person they are. As long as you are doing the right things, and you believe you did not do anything wrong, that’s what matters.  

Know That Your World Is Bigger Than Your Classroom  

You also have to remember that your classroom is just a small part of your life. You still have your families and your friends outside of your classroom. They are the ones who genuinely love you. Think of them instead of focusing your energy on your classmates.  

Focus On Your Studies  

At the end of the day, what you would want is to get decent grades from your professors, so you should focus on your studies. You review your lectures, and if there are group projects, exert effort to provide the best output. If they are not willing to build good a relationship, do not force it. It’s not going to work if it’s just one sided.  

Meditate Before Class  

You have to trust us when say that you have to meditate. You see, practicing this can calm your nerves. You can even repel the negative energy as you walk to that room. And because of that, you won’t care that much if they will keep on rolling their eyes.  

Again, your objective is to pass your course.  


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