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What College Students Should Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving 

While college per se isn’t exactly a walk in the park, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have anything to be grateful for. Quite the contrary, there are a lot of things you should appreciate now.¬†

Listed below are the things worth remembering, and it’s about time that you be grateful for it.¬†

Your Opportunity to Study in College 

First, you have to be thankful for the opportunity to go to college. Quite frankly, not everyone has the privilege to enter a university. That alone is already something that you should appreciate. 

While we always say that finishing a university degree is not your sole ticket to success, we also have to acknowledge the reality that it is your leverage when you look for a job. 

Whether you are studying because of a student loan, or that you are working for it, it is something you should be thankful for. 

Your Friends Turned Families 

During college, we often miss our families. However, we have our friends to ease the feeling of homesick. Eventually, you feel like they are your family as well. More often than not, they are the first persons to hear your frustrations in school or life as a college student. 

You should be grateful for a great circle and an excellent set of friends who will stay by your side. 

Professors Turned Mentors

Appreciating your professors is also a good thing. We are talking about your professors turned mentors. Come to think of it. They exert extra time and effort to give you lessons different from what you can see from textbooks. These things can certainly help you as you step out of college. 

Your Guardians and Parents 

If you have good parents or guardians, you should be thankful for them as well. As cliche as this may sound, but they are the reason why you exist or why you are in that place right now. 

The Window Of Opportunities

College days could also the start of many opportunities for you. You can learn the things you are passionate about, meet new people, start to network, and understand what it is like in your chosen industry. 

But of course, you also need to take chances. How are you going to use these opportunities to your advantage? At the end of the day, it’s a matter of grabbing the opportunity and flourishing the possibilities.¬†

The Air You Breathe

This might seem mundane but you also have to pause and think about the air you breathe. This might not be as fresh as from the alps; nevertheless, it’s something you should be grateful for.¬†

Sometimes, we are so consumed with studies that we don’t realize how lucky we are. Take a walk outside the campus and just take a long nice breath. You would soon realize how much you are neglecting these simple blessings in life.¬†¬†

A Bed To Sleep

Obviously, our bed is our breathing space. Yet, it is taken for granted. 

Think about this. More often than not, we feel restless when we spend our night in the library or when we are stuck in traffic. The only thing we want to jump into is our comfortable bed. Let’s admit, we often don’t realize how blessed we are because we are busy thinking of how tiring that day was.

Your Physical Health 

Your physical health is also one of the things you should be thankful for. If you can still read this, or if you can walk or run, isn’t that something you should celebrate as well?¬†

Of course, if you are physically challenged yet can still do a lot of things, take that into consideration as well.  You are still lucky. 

Your Ability to Feel 

Regardless if you feel happy or sad, you should be thankful. At the end of the day, the ability to feel is something you should celebrate. It means that you are alive. 

Life’s Challenges

And lastly, thank that you encounter life’s challenges. We will never learn if we don’t make any mistakes. We will not stand if we don’t fall.¬†These challenges will shape you to be the best version of yourself.¬†

Being grateful, no matter what life throws at us, will be our key to see things differently. 

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