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What can professors see on MyLab?

The LockDown Browser in MyLab Math is a custom browser that creates a secure online testing environment. When students use LockDown Browser to access an online exam, they are unable to print, copy, go to another URL, or access other applications. This security feature ensures the integrity and validity of the exams taken in MyLab Math, a popular online learning platform for mathematics.

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The Purpose of LockDown Browser

The LockDown Browser is designed to maintain academic honesty in the online learning environment. As educational institutions embrace digital platforms like MyLab Math for coursework and assessments, ensuring that assessments are fair and credible becomes a challenge. The LockDown Browser seeks to address this by providing a controlled environment for online tests.

Features of LockDown BrowserLockDown browser in Pearson MyLab math

When engaged, the LockDown Browser offers several features that prevent digital cheating:

  1. Browser Lockdown: It locks down the testing environment within MyLab Math, preventing students from navigating away from the exam until it’s submitted for grading.
  2. Disabled Functions: Functions such as copy-paste, print screen, and right-click are disabled.
  3. Prohibited Access to Other Applications: During an exam, students cannot access other software or files on their computer.
  4. Prevention of New Internet Tabs or Windows: The browser blocks the opening of new tabs or windows to restrict access to external information.

The LockDown Browser and Online Testing

Online testing presents unique challenges when it comes to ensuring that students follow honor codes. The LockDown Browser is Pearson’s response to the growing need for secure online examination tools. By limiting the online actions that students can take during an exam, it plays a critical role in upholding the integrity of the assessment process.

What is Pearson MyLab?

Setting Up the LockDown Browser

To use the LockDown Browser, both instructors and students must follow specific steps:

  • Instructors: They set up their exams in MyLab Math to require the LockDown Browser. They can provide students with guidelines on how to install and use the browser.
  • Students: They must download and install the LockDown Browser on their computers. Before the exam, they need to ensure that they are familiar with how the browser works to avoid technical issues during the test.

The Impact on the Learning Experience

The introduction of the LockDown Browser has altered the landscape of online education. It promotes a more ethical online testing environment and helps in replicating the controlled conditions of in-person exams.

Student Adaptation to the LockDown Browser

Adapting to the LockDown Browser requires students to prepare for their exams without the possibility of relying on unauthorized resources. It also means that they need to troubleshoot any potential technical issues before the exam, such as ensuring compatibility with their operating system.

  • Test Preparation: Students need to study comprehensively, as they won’t have the ability to search for answers online during the test.
  • Technical Familiarity: Getting comfortable with the LockDown Browser before an exam is crucial to minimize stress and technical difficulties.

Can Pearson lockdown browser see you?

Enhancing Security Measures

In addition to the basic lockdown features, MyLab Math’s LockDown Browser may integrate with webcam monitoring systems for increased security. This means students could be required to use a webcam, which the software uses to record them during the exam period. This video is then available for instructors to review, ensuring that students stay within the view of the camera and do not use unauthorized aids.

  • Monitor Systems: Some institutions might use additional monitoring software that works in conjunction with the LockDown Browser.
  • Identity Verification: Prior to the start, students may be asked to show identification to their webcam to verify that the correct individual is taking the test.

Such additional layers of security help maintain the academic integrity of the online examination process, giving both educators and students peace of mind.

The User Experience

For many students, the transition to using the LockDown Browser can be an adjustment. User experience is a critical aspect of its design, focusing on simplicity and clarity to minimize the stress of examination conditions. The interface is streamlined, providing only the necessary tools for taking the exam and no additional features that could be distracting or confusing.

  • User Interface: The browser’s user interface is designed to be intuitive, ensuring that students can focus on their exams without navigating through complex menus.
  • Support and Resources: Pearson provides extensive support and resources for both students and instructors to familiarize themselves with the LockDown Browser, easing the transition into secure online testing.

By focusing on the user experience, MyLab Math’s LockDown Browser helps to ensure that students can concentrate on demonstrating their knowledge and skills without technical concerns.


The LockDown Browser in MyLab Math represents Pearson’s commitment to academic honesty in the digital age. It is an essential tool in the arsenal of online testing strategies, ensuring that the credibility of online assessments is maintained. While some may view its restrictions as stringent, they are necessary for preserving the integrity of online educational credentials. As digital platforms continue to shape education, tools like the LockDown Browser will be fundamental in bridging the gap between online convenience and traditional assessment standards.

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