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What Can College Students Learn From Britney Spears’ Life

Britney Spears is one of the most iconic artists of her generation. She won various awards and accolades throughout her career, together with a fair share of ups and downs too. Britney Spears, just like any other artist that we know offers a lot of stories and experiences that can inspire us, or warn us about life, fame, power and the dangers and risks that come with it.

What Is the Latest About Britney Spears?

The pop icon hit the main news recently after finally reaching the end of her long battle for conservatorship. For more than 13 years, Britney Spears, even as an adult, had no control over her health, estate and finances.

Since 2008, her father, Jamie Spears was given conservatorship after Britney struggled with several mental and health issues. After her hospitalization, the conservatorship became permanent, giving her father all of the power together with another co-conservator,

After living in this circumstance for over a decade Britney broke her silence this year with claims that the arrangement has been abusive. She claims to be bullied, ganged up on and alone during the whole of the conservatorship.

Being an adult, a working and productive one, Britney simply wanted to be in control of her life once again. And she did after the conservatorship was terminated last November 12, giving her back full control over her life.

Lessons College Students Can Get from Britney Spears Life

Here’s what you can get from the pop star’s life story.

Age and Experience Do Not Come Together

Being a young adult does not guarantee that you know everything.  Even with the fame and fortune, Britney Spears struggled with her mental health, battling anxiety during her 20s. If you feel like you are caught in between being an adult and a young child, your feelings are actually valid. Experience does not necessarily come along with age.

Surround yourself with a support group and people who can guide you through life. A parent of a professor can be your mentor, an advisor that can help you get through the challenging moments in your life. If you feel like life is overpowering you, get the help that you need from the professionals and elders around you.

Fame and Fortune Do Not Equate to Happiness

I guess we are all familiar with this phrase, “Sometimes, the wealthiest people in the world are the unhappiest.” Yes, it might be true that we have different definitions and expectations when it comes to happiness. However, contrary to what others perceive, the life of the rich and famous is not always great.

Britney Spears earned fame and fortune at an early age, yet she still suffered from several mental and health issues. Why? Because she always felt that someone and something was missing in her life. She had several failed relationships, from her first love to her first husband and other partners. To make it worse, the whole world knew all the things that she had to go through. Some laughed at her, some cried with her, but in the end, her happiness was never guaranteed by the fortune and fame that she had.

You Are Always Stronger Today Than Yesterday

Controversies are just a piece of the pie when diving into Britney Spear’s life. Even with the controversies and hardships, there were also celebrations. These are moments you can call “times of hope.” Despite all the things that Britney Spears had to go through, she managed to get up and became stronger than who she was before.

Similar to her recently acquired freedom, Britney had to go through a lot to hone her personality to become who she is today: A more in control and responsible adult who is ready to take back her life.

It simply teaches the younger generation that despite all the mistakes and challenges, there is indeed hope. However demanding and excruciating life and people may be, at the end, it can make you better, fiercer and stronger in facing more challenges to come.

Britney’s life is a mix of pride, joy, failures and mistakes, but with a lot of hope and perseverance in between. Our college lives may not be as colorful or as complicated as her life is. But, the stories that she shared and the experiences that she had gone through can inspire and motivate us to become better in what we do, while facing the challenges and issues life throws at us.

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