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What Are The Worst Effects Of Covid To College Students 

Covid-19 has undoubtedly affected our lives. People lost their jobs, some lost their loved ones to the pandemic. The pandemic has deprived us from the things that we enjoy and we used to do in the past. Covid-19 brought conflict in our lives. Among these challenges, our mental health suffered the most.

College students have experienced a lot of mental and emotional issues due to the pandemic. They have hit the younger generation hard. You can hear a lot of students with issues on isolation, depression, lack of focus and anxiety.

As the general population adapts to a new round of changes while we proceed to a new chapter in our lives post-pandemic, here are some of the worst effects that you need to watch out for. 

4 Negative Effects of the Pandemic to College Students

What are the effects of this pandemic to university students? Here are the common ones.

Stress And Anxiety

College life is already stressful as it is. The Covid-19 pandemic made it even harder.  Increased levels of stress and anxiety were attributed to the outbreak among college students.

One of the main causes of stress and anxiety is the challenge that comes with adapting to new methods of learning. Some students do not have access to reliable internet access. Others are not mentally and emotionally ready to adjust to the new norms for getting access to education. This and the anxiety caused by the risk of getting infected, or a loved one getting the disease added up to the cause of stress for college students.

Difficulty In Concentration

Together with stress and anxiety comes the difficulty to concentrate and focus, thus affecting academic performance. Stress is just one of the reasons why people have a hard time concentrating. The current living conditions may also affect a student’s focus. 

As the rest of the family experience issues and problems associated with the pandemic, students who are currently stuck at home are affected too, in some way or another.  The fear and worry for their own health and their loved ones, together with having to deal with the lack or scarcity of financial resources will make anyone lose focus.

Disruptions To Sleeping Patterns

Another negative effect of the pandemic to college students are the changes in sleeping patterns. Sleep disturbances such as stress and anxiety can cause changes in sleeping patterns. A young adult’s mind is usually bombarded with constant information and worries, due to the uncertainties the pandemic has brought on.

Some studies even suggest that sleep for most students was believed to be healthier before the beginning of the lockdown. Even as lockdown measures were lifted, people are still stressed out and find it hard to sleep. Some developed new sleeping problems after the lockdown.

Decreased Social Interactions

The decrease in social interactions added to the stress and worries of college students during the pandemic. It has greatly affected their mental health. The lack of physical contact with loved ones, friends and family can greatly affect one’s personality.

Humans, by nature, love attention and enjoy physical touch. However, the pandemic prevented us from doing that with all the physical distancing protocols that we all had to go through to prevent the spread of the disease. These decreased interactions made us even feel more stressed and depressed, deteriorating our mental health even further.

Increased Concerns In Academic Performance

All the stress and worries that affects the mental health of students has a direct effect on their grades. As the challenge of adapting to new learning norms adds up to the stress of students, so does the increased concerns on their grades.  

Stress, anxiety, issues and conditions at home contribute to the additional pressure students presently have with their studies. Instead of focusing on the task or lessons at hand, they are forced to juggle between their worries, created by the pandemic. The experience itself is quite hard to describe, a bit chaotic in reality. In fact an increase number of suicide attempts and depression were also observed among college students during the start and height of the pandemic.

Even with the effects of the pandemic on students, life goes on. We eventually learn to adapt, to adjust and to thrive despite the challenges that we face as students or as young adults of this pandemic stricken generation.

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