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What Are the Most In Demand University Courses to Get Instant Employment

What Are the Most In-Demand University Courses to Get Instant Employment

Students enter college life with dreams of pursuing a career aligned with the course they applied for in college. However, some students are still torn. 

We choose a course for different reasons. Some take specific degrees because they landed a scholarship; others decide to take courses based on the offerings near their residence, while others choose based on affordability.

For some, the degree they choose to take for college is their stepping stone to attaining an in-demand job they have in mind. The choice is mainly based on the possibility of immediately landing on high-paying employment in a particular industry. 

If you are looking for a college course that will most likely land you on a job immediately after graduation, you are in the right place. Here’s a shortlist of the most in-demand degrees that will help you the most in getting a job right after college.


There is plenty of work waiting for a Psychology graduate. A degree in Psychology can help you land in a hospital job, a therapy clinic, or as a counselor in a school, hospital, or institution. 

Unlike taking up medicine, the cost of taking up Psychology in college is more affordable and will require you less time studying in a university. Interestingly, you can upgrade your career in Psychology alongside your work. A master’s degree can help you land in a better job position, with more significant benefits and salaries. As more people begin to lean into focusing on their well-being and mental health, Psychology related jobs will continue to rise.


Another in-demand career to look forward to after graduating in college are Engineering related jobs. 

There are plenty of industries to tap into, and there are several courses to choose from under this niche. You can either pursue a degree in Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Structural Engineering, or Electrical Engineering to prepare yourself for a career related to your chosen field. 

The good thing about Engineering career opportunities is that it pays well. You might need to secure a student loan or a scholarship grant to fund your Engineering education, but landing a career in this field afterward can help you pay for these loans faster than other career paths.

Information Technology

As we enjoy a technology-driven society, it is not surprising to see a growing number of students leaning into taking a course that will lead them into this industry. 

The Information Technology industry is still growing and growing fast and will require more talents in the future. Taking up Information Technology in college will cost you around $4,000 to $30,000 annually, depending on the university. The median salary in the field of IT is anywhere between $80,000-$1000,000 annually. Although the median amount may not be your actual salary right after landing your first job in the industry, the possibilities to grow, financially and career-wise in Information Technology is fast and big – an opportunity that you should not miss.

Health Science

There are also plenty of career opportunities to look forward to in the Health Care and Health Science industry. As medical technology improves and as life expectancy continues to increase, the number of people living longer will eventually require care, pushing the demand for healthcare professionals to increase. 

Some of the institutions to look forward to applying to after graduating from a Health Science course in college include hospitals, rehab clinics, nursing homes, child care centers, and psychiatric homes. The salary is also quite appealing in this industry. The national average salary for jobs in the Healthcare industry is around $65,500 in the United States.

Computer Science

The digital world is an unstoppable industry that will continue to grow parallel to technology and communication modernization. As this prosperous industry grows, so will the demand for talented graduates in the Computer Science industry. 

On average, a Computer Science graduate can start earning $60,000 annually and may continuously grow as he explores other areas in the industry. The field is quite broad, and there are plenty of areas to look into, such as web development, management information system related jobs, and software development. Some Computer Science courses are offered as vocational courses and will cost you anywhere from $3,500 to $10,800 in tuition annually.

The college courses mentioned above are not the only in-demand career paths you can consider to help you decide what course to pursue college. Pharmacology, Medicine, Dental Courses, Marketing Management, Veterinary Medicine, and courses in Accounting also fall on the topmost marketable courses available for college students in the United States. Explore the career opportunities that appeal to you and your career plans before deciding on the best course that will help you get instant employment in these industries.

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