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What Are The Health Challenges Most College Students Face

Apart from the grades, reports, and passing the courses, college students must also think about their health. You see, you have been too busy and too drowned on how you are going to get the diploma, and you don’t realize that you are putting your health in jeopardy.  

So, in this post, we will share with you the common health challenges that most college and university students face. The awareness can help you see the signs, and be able to get remedies or professional help the soonest.  

Common Colds and Flu  

Most of the time, you will have to do activities with other students. Obviously, you will be in close contact with them. This means, bacteria and viruses could spread easily. It’s best to have yourself vaccinated.

Plus, allot budget for your vitamins and supplements. Proper hygiene is encouraged as well. Wash your hands regularly. Take a shower. Or always bring alcohol or hand sanitizer with you.  

And with the rise of COVID-19, you better make sure to practice social distancing. We understand that most schools and universities right now offer online programs. Now, if you are considered high-risk, you might want to take this option in the meantime.  

Anxiety and Depression  

If you must know, mental health should be a priority for college students. It’s a different environment and most people could get overwhelmed. You might get too stressed because of all the requirements. There’s also peer pressure which you are yet to figure out how to deal with. Apart from that, there are personal issues which are quite hard to resolve. These problems could pile up, and before you know it, it’s already taking a toll on your mental health.  

We recommend that you achieve a balanced lifestyle. For example, try to work out or exercise more. That is also beneficial to lower down your stress levels. Find an outlet or look for your passion. Squeeze time to paint or to dance, if these things can make you happy. Also, don’t forget to seek professional help. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about mental health. 

Sleep Problems  

It’s normal to have a few sleepless nights during college. We’ve been there so we know the expectations. The reports and other requirements could be a lot to handle. However, if even during the ‘low-season’ you still can’t get enough sleep, then that’s a clear sign that you need help.  

For others, taking melatonin supplements could work. Others are just trying meditation, changing their eating habits at nighttime, or trying to exercise to promote quality sleep. But if these doesn’t work, you need to check with a doctor on the best solution.  

Take note that you should never self-medicate as this could cause further health concerns.  

Sexually Transmitted Diseases  

According to CDC, half of the diagnosed patients of Sexually Transmitted Infections of STIs are from the age bracket of 15 to 24. That means, college students are at risk.

There are some STIs that could be treated with the right medications. But others could be more permanent such as HPV, HIV, and HSV.  

The only way to deal with this is to have proper knowledge about sex. Always use protection and if you have symptoms, go to the professional as soon as you can. There’s no point of delaying it as doing so can be detrimental to your health.  

Eating Disorders  

There are several eating disorders that you have to watch out for. There are people who eat such a small amount of food, and those who eat a lot. Either way, it could affect your health. Essentially, it targets your mental and psychological being.  


A lot of college students live miles away from their home. And even if you want to taste independence and freedom, it’s natural to feel lost or sad. You start to miss your family and that could affect not just your grades, but your holistic health.  

If you happen to experience this, use technology to your advantage. Call up your friends and families or have a regular schedule to talk to them. Fortunately, doing video calls is easy nowadays. It’s also good to bring something from your home to your campus. This could be your comfort blanket or a nice photo of your family. And remember, you are not alone. You can make friends in the campus where you also share your sentiments.  

Again, your health is important. If you are not healthy, then you won’t be able to perform well in school. So, take care of yourself and get help if needed.   

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