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What Are The Effects Of Your GPA To Your Future 

GPAs or Grade Point Average can lead students to two different things. It could either be your ticket to landing that dream job you’ve always wanted or become the reason why you keep getting rejected by your employer. 

So, should you be worried about your GPA score? In this article, we would try to discuss the effects of your GPA on your future.

Employer’s Deciding Factor

Some companies use the applicant’s GPA as a basis on whether or not they would be able to handle the position they are applying for. 

According to a survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, around 67% of the companies screen their applicants primarily through their GPAs. 

It allows them to have an idea of how the applicant performed during college. It is said that college is the next step and closest thing to the professional world. Hence, whatever your performance in college is, that could be a reflection of what you can do in the real world. 

A high GPA would show an employer that you can handle the pressure back in college, focus on a given task, and deliver what you are asked. In addition, it shows not just the performance of a given individual but also their character, which is essential when choosing the best candidate for the job.

Other Companies Strictly Require A High GPA

As mentioned before, many employers look at a candidate’s GPA though there are still those who do not. But some industries require you to have a high GPA to get in. 

Industries such as those in finance, education, medical, and law sectors usually hire applicants with high GPAs since they need to be sure that they have the competence and capability to do specific tasks.

Usually, the higher paying the job is, the higher your GPA needs to be. Their companies require a GPA not lower than 3.5 to be shortlisted. Companies have no other key indicator of the student’s technical ability; hence they can only rely on their GPA.

So does this mean that if you have a low GPA, you don’t have a fighting chance of getting a good job?

Even though employers are looking at good GPAs, it is only good when they are trying to make a shortlist of the candidates. Having a high GPA does not guarantee that you would already get the job. 

Low GPA is Not Always Equal To Low Performance

Some people might think that a student’s incompetence is the reason for having a low GPA. 

But the truth is there are various reasons why a student might have failed to get a high score. 

For example, they could have encountered a medical emergency that hindered them from participating actively at school. Or maybe they have to attend to personal matters such as working full time just to get them through college. 

So having a low GPA is not always an indication of a student’s technical abilities. That is why as much as employers are checking these scores; it is not their sole basis. What you can possibly do is ace your interviews and prove that you are worthy enough to be given a chance. 

GPAs Are Only Relevant For New Graduates

After graduating from college, the only credential you might have is your GPA. However, once you start working, your GPA becomes irrelevant to other future employers. Your performance will now be based on how you handle the tasks in your workplace. 

GPAs Are Not Always A Guaranteed Ticket

If there are companies looking primarily at GPAs for their hiring process, some prefer a candidate with better networks than higher GPA scores. 

Business, journalism, and media are industries where having an abundance of connections will help you land the job. Smaller companies and start-ups usually don’t look at GPAs that much as they are keener on searching for people who know how to innovate and have the same mindset as them.

So you see, having a high GPA can help you find a good job, but you should not rely too much on it. It will give you an advantage and help you get easily noticed, but your success would rely on your performance in your workplace. 

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