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What Are The Common Mistakes During Interviews 

Job interviews are where the employer would get their first impression of you. This is also your chance to showcase your strengths, skills, and abilities that would benefit the company. It is a make or break situation which often is the deciding factor whether you get the job or not. 

By understanding what not to do during a job interview, you increase your chance of getting hired. Here are some common mistakes applicants make during interviews.

Arriving At The Wrong Time

This is where a lot of applicants make a mistake. It’s either they come too early for the interview, or they arrive too late. It is inappropriate to come in too early as you might be sending the wrong signals to the employer. Aside from making it look like you are too desperate, it sometimes throws people off as they feel pressured to accommodate you immediately. 

On the other hand, arriving too late is worst. It shows the discipline, of the lack of, that you have and is definitely a no-no when it comes to job interviews. Ten to 15 minutes before the scheduled interview is good enough. It gives you time to prepare, and at the same time, shows the employer that you are ready and serious about the interview. Do a dry run before the interview just so you know the time you have to leave your place going there.

Wrong Interview Attire

Even if the company you will be applying for requires a casual dress code, it is important that you look professional during the job interview. Not only does it shows professionalism, but at the same time, it gives you added confidence. It also shows the employer that you have prepared for the interview and is serious about taking the job.

Using Your Cellphone 

We know that cell phones are part of your daily living, but it wouldn’t hurt if you refrain from using it during the duration of the interview. Instead of browsing over your phone, try and review your resume. It is best to stay focus on your interview and keep all distractions away.

Not Knowing The Company Background

Part of your due diligence is researching the company’s background. When you try to apply for a company, you must have an idea on what it is all about. Search what they specialize at and what they offer. Knowing the company would also show the employer your level of interest in joining their team.

Failure To Listen

It is common for an applicant to focus on the answer rather than the question. They try to memorize what they are going to say, that they tend not to understand what the employer is asking. 

It is important that you use your active listening skills. Listen to everything they ask so you would know how to react. Make sure that you look sincere and enthusiastic about the position. You need to show them that you are applying because you want the job and not just because you need it.

Not Knowing Your Own Resume

Resumes are easy to construct nowadays. You can simply get a template from the internet, fill it out with your details then your done. The problem with this is that sometimes people forget what they have indicated in their resumes. That is why it is an excellent practice to review it prior to the interview and bring along a printed copy with you. 

Trying To Do All The Talking

We have mentioned that you need to show that you are enthusiastic about the position. But try to keep it to a point wherein you try to answer the question as concisely as possible. There is no need to overshare your personal life, especially if it is not related to the question. You can use non-verbal cues like nodding and eye contact every now and then to show them that you are listening.

Bad Mouthing Your Previous Employer

No matter how bad your experience is with your past employer, never speak poorly of them. Instead, share what you have learned and the skills that you were able to develop during your stint with them. As much as possible, use positive words when you try to answer questions pertaining to your past experiences.

Going to an interview is something you should not be afraid of. As long as you prepare for the occasion and answer the questions truthfully and positively, then things should turn out well for you. So the next time you go for an interview, keep these things in mind and hopefully, you get the job you desire.

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